Why spend thousands of dollars on cliché promotional items 

When you can give your clients a valuable gift without spending a dime?



Rebrand our quality travel eBooks and mini-guides with your own logo and give your clients something they will truly appreciate!



How does it work?


1. Simply visit our catalogue to choose the one eBook you would like us to rebrand for you and provide us your logo, as per the specs (please click here to jump directly to the specs).


2. We will rebrand your chosen eBook and give it a dedicated URL address, which will be sent to you (together with suggested text links or a banner).


3. You can now place the links in your squeeze page (as an opt-in gift), or website, blog, Facebook page, newsletter, email signature and wherever you believe they can work for you.


4. We update our eBooks and mini-guides every now and then, but you don't have to worry about that, as their URL addresses remain untouched.



What is in it for you?

  • A truly valuable gift your clients will appreciate.
  • A good opportunity to self-advertise your business.
  • A great opt-in gift you can use to increase your email list.


What is in it for us? 

  • An opportunity to expose our websites and free eBooks to your readers, without competing with your business or products/services .


Frequently Asked Questions…


Does the eBook become mine? No, the eBooks and the copyrights remain solely ours.  What you will be given is an opportunity to use our eBooks as a vehicle to promote your brand identity and business.


Can I use the content within the eBook, or some of it, in my website or blog? As already mentioned, the eBooks and their content (including photos and graphics) remain our sole property and are protected by copyright laws, so you should NOT use them, or part of them, without getting our written permission.  We will, however, provide you various text links that can be used to encourage your visitors to download the eBooks.


Isn't it risky to allow somebody I don't even know to touch my website?  No!  You don't grant us permission to "touch" or "administer" your website! Neither do you give us a permission to see your stats or Google Analytics account… We can't even see how many people clicked on your links …


All you do is to place a link in your website, or blog, just like millions of website-owners do every day.  The difference is that this specific link leads to a product which is really valuable, both to you and your clients!


Am I obliged to you in any way?  Absolutely no!  Our business relationship is voluntary and is based on mutual benefit, which means you can walk away at any time without having to explain anything to us…


Moreover, you can simply remove our link/s from your website or blog if you feel it is of no benefit to you… You have absolutely nothing to lose !


Why do you provide me a link to the eBook?  Why can't you just give me the eBook and let me upload it to my website or blog?


There are two reasons for that…

  1. Our eBooks keep on being updated every now and again, but you don't have to worry about uploading them again and again, as the URL address remains as is.
  2. As explained above: The eBooks and their content (including photos and graphics) are our property. What you are given is the opportunity to use them as a means to promote your business and products/services (It slightly resembles outdoor advertising, whereby the billboard and its fixtures are the property of the outdoor advertising company, while the advertiser is given the right to use the surface for advertising).

We reserve the right to remove your rebranded eBooks and stop the cooperation at our own discretion, although we will NOT do so unless we have a really good reason, and even then we will notify you and give you an opportunity to respond/explain.


We will remove the eBooks immediately ONLY if we have a good reason to believe our copyrights are infringed by you, or our brand is used unfairly.


Contact us today on asiapacificebooks@gmail.com and let's get started !


By proceeding, you accept our terms and conditions and privacy policy, as outlined in our disclaimer (click here to read it).



The Specs


Please provide us the followings: