If you are in the travel and tourism industry, then this offer is something you wouldn't want to miss


I will create for you a professional Pinterest account that can drive tons of traffic to your website, without asking for a dime!


What does the package include?


  • Analysis of your business objectives and target market.
  • Setting up of a new Pinterest business account for you, including description.
  • Creation of 15 Pinterest boards that are relevant to your business and audience, including keyword-rich descriptions.
  • Pinning at least 15 – 20 pins to each board (from across the web) + improvement of pin-description, if/when necessary.
  • Following and interacting with people who are your target customers (I will work on your account until it has at least 250 – 300 genuine followers).
  • Applying to relevant group-boards, asking them to become a member.
  • Creating at least 20 search-engine-optimized pins (even 30, if you have blog posts / webpages that I can pin from) and pinning them to your brand’s boards.


When your Pinterest profile will look good and will have some 250 – 300 followers, you will have three options, as follows:


  1. Your first option is to appoint me as your Pinterest account manager for a period of 6 months (see conditions below): The account will be transferred on your name and all the time and effort that I invested so far in the setup will be "on the house".
  2. The second option you have is to purchase the account from me for a fee of US$ 499.00 and manage it by yourself: I will transfer the account on your name and provide you the necessary guidance, so you can run it successfully on your own.
  3. You can also say "no thanks"… In such case, I will remove your business name and branding from the account and will use it for other purposes.


So what happens if you decide to appoint me to manage your Pinterest account for a period of six months?


My monthly Pinterest account management package includes:


  • 4 pinning sessions every week: 10 – 15 pins each session: I will search for relevant and shareable content throughout Pinterest and the web and I will pin it to your boards, as well as to group-boards where you've been accepted as a member.
  • I will create 15 new pins every month (from graphics materials that you provide or from free-to-use materials that are available on the net) and I will give the proper, keyword-rich descriptions and will pin them to your boards, as well as to public boards (where possible).
  • I will also pin directly from your website, or blog, if / when it will be possible (i.e: When you have new pages that are worth promoting).
  • I will continue interacting with your target customers and will continue increasing your follower base.
  • I will reply to comments – As much as required.
  • The package cost is US$ 199 per month.
  • If after six months you will decide that you want to manage the account on your own, I will provide all the necessary guidance, so you can run it successfully.


Do you want to hear more? Please get in touch with me NOW, as this offer is limited to only 30 businesses! 



 Email: ronishwartz@gmail.com  

  Roni Shwartz  



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