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Modern Toilet Restaurant

Imagine a restaurant where the chairs are actually toilets, and brownish stews and hotpots are served to the table in bidet looking dishes... Sounds appetizing? Apparently some people think it does... at least as a one off 'gimmick' experience...


The Taiwanese founders of Modern Toilet Restaurant are the ones who came up with this "brilliant idea" of reversing the human body's natural process of digestion, and put the loo right on the table... Wow... I can't believe nobody ever thought about it before, and I can't stop wondering what's next? A mortuary brunch-buffet ? Or maybe a "Dine with the dead" themed restaurant ?


The food they serve is quite good, but you have to overcome the unpleasant associations, before you can actually enjoy it...


All in all, if you want a bit of fun and some hilarious photos to show your friends back home, maybe you should go there...


Prices are quite reasonable


240-244 Portland Street, Mongkok (Opposite Langham Place office tower)

Phone: 2308 1166

Open from 11am to 11pm


4th Floor Capitol Centre 5-19 Jardines Bazaar Causeway Bay (MTR Exit F, located above Watson's)

Phone: 2895 6288

Open: 12 noon - 12midnight