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Habitu Ristorante the Garden

Located on the 3rd floor of Lee Gardens 2, this splendid restaurant specializes in superb southern Italian cuisine.


Despite of being relatively large, the space is smartly designed and divided so intimacy and coziness are still kept.


The restaurant is divided into different sections, each with its own character:   The main dining area includes the bar and the 10-seat chef's table where you can watch the chef at work. Then there is The Sun Room and The Garden Terrace balcony, where you can enjoy alfresco dining... (that is, probably, the restaurant's best area... if weather is nice).

The beautiful design combines stylish modernity with some home-style decoration, to create a very pleasant and enjoyable dinning environment.

Prices are slightly above the average: Dinner is around HK$ 300-400

Level 3, Lee Gardens 2, 28 Yun Ping, Rd., Causeway Bay,     2898 3919