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Dong Lai Shun

This excellent restaurant was found in Beijing and it specializes in Huaiyang cuisine, from the region surrounding the lower reaches of the Huai and Yangtze Rivers.  This cuisine is known for its strictly selected ingredients, exquisite workmanship and high cutting techniques.  The way the ingrediants are cut is very important in how successful the dish is cooked, and consequently, to its taste and elegant shape.


The restaurant is tastefuly designed in a classic, Beijing style, with impressive Chinese papercut lanterns, dark wood paneling and red dominated chinese wall paints... Ambience is very elegant and pleasant.


The restaurant's signature dish is Shuan Yang Rou (also known as Mongolian hotpot) : paper-thin slices of Mongolian mutton (yang rou), briefly cooked (shuan) in broth, before being served with condiments.


Prices are quite reasonable for this class of restaurant: dinner is around HK$ 250-400

Open daily for lunch (11:30 am - 3 pm) and dinner (6 - 11 pm)

The Royal Garden Hotel, 69 Mody Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui      Ph: 2733 2020