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A few words of introduction first…

As its name suggests this travel guide shows you how to go to numerous points of interest in different cities across the world, easily and inexpensively, by using the local hop-on hop-off bus tour.


Simply follow the numbered stops, in any of the guides, and see what are the main highlights next to each one of them... In most cases, the attraction's name is clickable, and when clicked, it will take you to the homepage of that specific attraction/place-of-interest, or to an interesting article about it, where you can fetch valuable information and see some photos.


We have also tried to include every essential piece of information in our guides, like departure times, costs and so on, but please remember that these things tend to change, from time to time... Simply click on one of the links in this section of the guide, and it will take you directly to a page where you can find the up-to-date info, and book the tour.


Do you know? Our world Hop-on, Hop-off guides can also be viewed and downloaded in a PDF Ebook format.  Simply click HERE and enjoy them!  .


What are Hop-on, Hop-off tours all about?

There is nothing more exciting than exploring a foreign city, but the prospect can also be quite daunting. After all, you’re not sure what places are worth visiting, and neither are you certain about how to get to each sightseeing spot, and there’s a language barrier, too…


Unlike whistle-stop sightseeing tours where you only get an overall view of the city, a hop-on, hop-off bus provides a way to explore a new destination at leisure, without any of the hassle. All you have to do is hop onto a double decker bus that takes you to visit all the city’s major sights and hop off whenever you want to explore.


Best of all, this type of sightseeing is personalised. You only hop off when you want to explore something. Then, once you’ve discovered all of its treasures, you can hop back onto the bus again and travel along the route until you get to something else you’d like to visit.


These double decker buses have been designed to give you another advantage, too. As they have no tops, you are sitting high above the city as you travel along the route, giving you excellent opportunities to see everything there is to see, and to photograph it, too.


It’s no surprise that this type of sightseeing has become so popular all over the world. After all, your bus is travelling to all of the city’s must-see locations, so all you have to do is hop off when there’s something you want to explore, and then hop right onto the bus again when you want to get to another destination.




Australia: Sydney,   The Blue Mountains,   Melbourne,   Canberra,   Perth,   Hobart,   Alice Springs,   Brisbane,   Darwin


New Zealand:  Auckland,   Wellington


Asia and the Far East: Singapore,   Hong Kong,   Kuala Lumpur,   Shanghai


Europe:  Istanbul,   Athens,   Amsterdam,   Berlin,   Brussels,   Dublin,   Copenhagen,   London,   Edinburgh,   Paris,   Luxembourg,   Malta,   Sorrento,   Naples,   RomeMilan





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