Fun facts and pictures about bears

Enjoy some awesome photos and amazing facts about the world's largest land predators!




1. What are bears?


The bear is the largest land predator on the face of earth


Bears are large, heavy and strong mammals that are classified as caniforms, or "doglike carnivorans"





2. Where do bears live?


Bears can be found in many different areas, but they normally like cool or even cold areas


Bears can be found in a many diiferent habitats throughout the Northern Hemisphere and partially in the Southern Hemisphere. They live in North America, Europe, and Asia (although one species lives in the high mountains of South America) and generally prefer cool weather.





3. Are bears intelligent?


Bears are one of the most intelligent species in the world


Yes! Bears are very intelligent and, as a matter of fact, many wildlife biologists regard them as some of the most intelligent land mammals on Earth (some even claim they are as intelligent as 3-year-old kid)! That is, probably, why they have always been popular circus performers.





4. Do bears like to play?


Bear cubs love to play like no other animal


Sure they do! No animals enjoy playing like bear cubs do, and even the momma bear likes to play with her cubs in their games and show her love and affection to them.





5. Do bears like to swim?


Bears are excellent swimmers and love to be around water


Yes they do! Most bears are excellent swimmers and will often swim to cool off, play, chase prey, or cross rivers...



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6. Why are baby bears so cute?



Firstly, their ears develop faster than the rest of their body, which means they have big ears that make them look cute. Secondly, they like to wrestle with each other in a clumsy and funny way, and, last, they are furry and cuddly!



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Polar Bear (Ursus Maritimus) Mother with Triplets, Wapusk National Park, Churchill, Manitoba
Polar Bear (Ursus...
Thorsten Milse
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Polar Bear
Polar Bear
Norbert Rosing
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Cub Whispering to Mother
Cub Whispering to...
Howard Ruby
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A Grizzly Bear Opens Wide for a Mouth Full of Salmon at the Brooks Falls Fishing Grounds
A Grizzly Bear...
Joel Sartore
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Grizzly Bear (Ursus Arctos), Denali National Park & Preserve, Alaska, USA
Grizzly Bear...
Mark Newman
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Polar Bear Standing on Pack Ice of the Arctic Ocean, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska, USA
Polar Bear...
Steve Kazlowski
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Grizzly Bear (Aka Alaska Brown Bear) with Salmon
Grizzly Bear (Aka...
Lynn M. Stone
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National Zoological Park: Giant Panda

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Three Subadult Giant Pandas Feeding on Bamboo Wolong Nature Reserve, China
Three Subadult...
Eric Baccega
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Grizzly Bear Growling
Grizzly Bear...
Guy Crittenden
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Polar Bear (Thalarctos Maritimus), Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, North America
Polar Bear...
James Hager
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Giant Panda Family, Wolong China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda, China
Giant Panda...
Pete Oxford
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