Question No. 12: Why do elephants have a trunk?


Elephant in East Africa



The elephant is best known for its trunk! It is the elephant's most versatile organ and, as a matter of fact, it is considered as the most versatile of all animal organs!



The elephant's trunk is actually an extension of its nose and upper lip. It is about seven feet (two meters) long and serves many different functions: Like most noses, trunks are, first and foremost, for smelling. But elephants also use them to drink, to pick leaves and fruits from the trees, to splash water, or dust on themselves, when they want to cool off, to lift a small calf over an obstacle, to rescue a friend that got stuck in the mud, and what not…



This amazing organ is quite sensitive and can sense the size, shape and temperature of a certain object, and thanks to the finger-like tips at its end, it is capable of picking up small objects from the ground.


Did you know? Some scientists believe that an elephant’s trunk is made up of 100,000 muscles!



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