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Wong Chi Kei

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For delicious Cantonese noodle dishes, there is hardly anyone in Macau who can compete with good-old Wong Chi Kei.  The founder of this eatery learned the secrets of noodles-making from a master in Canton, back in the 1940s and opened his humble restaurant in Macau almost 50 years ago...


As expected, Wong Chi Kei does not have much in the way of fancy décor, but the restaurant has nonetheless became an important part of Macau food scene, mainly thanks to the fact that the food is great, the prices are quite right and the ambience is fairly authentic and nice... (and you get free Chinese tea with the food).


"Congee" is one of the specialties of Wong Chi Kei in Senado Square, Macau


Prawn wanton noodles and Fried wanton seem to be the main draw, and so are the various Congee dishes (Congee is a type of Chinese rice porridge that is served with all sorts of "toppings" like: Pig's heart, liver, Chicken, dried scallop, fish belly, vegetables and what not...) vegetarian congee... 


Try to avoid lunch time as the place gets very busy and you might need to queue up...


Prices are reasonable: you will probably spend less than MOP$ 100

Open daily, from morning till evening

17, Largo do Senado (Senado square)                       Phone: 2833 1313

51, Rua de Cinco de Outubro                                      Phone: 2892 2271


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