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Vero chocolates

This artisan chocolatier has made a name for itself for producing unique "seasonal chocolates", with fresh and natural ingredients that give an "East Asian twist" to these classical European delights...



Vero Chocolates also operates a café-lounge, where you can enjoy its famous chocolates, alongside an assortment of fabulous cakes, brownies, chocolate truffles and chocolate based drinks (including what many consider as the best hot chocolate in Hong Kong), in a fairly pleasant atmosphere...


Located in Wanchai's Fenwick Pier, just a stone's throw from the waterfront, this spacious and airy café features a modern décor, with plenty of bright white shades and floor to ceiling windows through which you can enjoy nice cityscape views...


There's no point in talking much about the cakes and the chocolates though... You'll just have to come and try them for yourself.


Surprisingly, prices are not insanely high... (At least not for this kind of quality)


Open daily (except Sundays and holidays), from 9am to 7:30pm (till 6pm on Saturdays)