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Tin Heung Lau

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Although its décor is not as glitzy as that of some other upscale restaurants, good-old Tin Heung Lau is certainly one of Hong Kong's most sought after restaurants.


Located on Tsim sha Tsui's Austin Avenue, this long established restaurant specializes in classical Hangzhou Cuisine, from the Yangtze River Delta, and is considered as one of the best places in town to try this rather unique style of cooking.


As Hangzhou Province is not far from Shanghai, the Hangzhou cuisine is somewhat similar to Shanghainese cuisine, although it maintains its culinary independence... It is known for its light flavors and delicate cooking methods.


Recommended dishes include Longjing shrimps (small freshwater shrimps, stir fried with Longjing tea leaves, Shaoxing wine and other ingredients), Dongpo's pork (Pork belly cubes, half fat - half meat), West Lake Fish in sweet and sour sauce,  Deep fried freshwater eel with brown garlic sauce,  Stir fried hairy crab (seasonal) and   Stir-fried hairy crab roe with noodles... just to name a few...


Prices here are quite expensive but the kitchen makes use the finest ingredients and the food is top notch


Open daily for lunch and dinner


18c Austin Avenue (off Austin Road), Tsim sha Tsui

Phone: 2366 2414