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The Tent

Located on popular Clarke Quay, this lovely restaurant serves delicious Mongolian BBQ in a very nice environment.


For accuracy sake: Mongolian BBQ is not exactly Mongolian... neither is it exactly a barbecue... (as the meat is not chargrilled).  Although it is believed that the idea of flattop barbecuing started in Mongolia more than a thousand years ago, this specific type of cooking is originally... from Taiwan.   


The main idea behind Mongolian BBQ is that diners choose various ingredients from a buffet of thinly-sliced raw meats, seafood and vegetables and assemble them in a large bowl or on a plate.  These ingredients are then given to the cook who adds the diner's choice of sauce and transfers them to a large, solid iron griddle where they are cooked.  Oil and sometimes water may be added to ease cooking and the ingredients are stirred occasionally.


The great thing about 'The Tent' is their great selection of exotic sauces and the diversity of fresh ingredients you can choose from to make your grill...


You can dine indoors, at the Mongolian-tent-style environment, or 'alfresco'

Price is not bad: around SG$ 30

Block 3D, Clarke Quay                                                Phone: 6339 0200