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The Pasar (closed down)

This restaurant has closed down


This simple, nice restaurant specializes in the cuisine of Singapore. 

It is somewhat strange to speak about a "Singaporean cuisine" as Singaporean society was formed by different ethnic groups, each with its own distinctive cuisine. 


Nevertheless, the mixture of those different groups in one tiny country did, eventually, resulted in the creation of a new cuisine which is uniquely Singaporean...


Here you can enjoy Chili Crab, Chicken rice, Laksa and other delicacies that combine the cuisines of China, India and Malaysia ...

Prices are reasonable: Dinner is around HK$ 100-200

Open daily, from 11:30 am to 10:45 pm

197 Johnston Rd., Wan Chai                                       Phone: 3168 2058

2nd Floor, Yu Wing Building, Wellington Street, Central          3693 4448