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Star of Canton Restaurant

Located at Causeway Bay's Lee Theatre Plaza, Star of Canton serves some of the most mouth watering dim sum specialties in Hong Kong, in a nice surroundings and at reasonable prices...


Like many Cantonese restaurants, the interior décor looks a bit like that of an old fashioned wedding hall, but the ambience is pleasant and the food is outstandingly good, so who cares about a bit of kitsch ?

Dim sum dishes are the main draw here, but the menu features many other Cantonese specialties which are worth knowing about... Combination of roast suckling pig & meat,  Baked lobster with We-Fu noodles,  Deep fried crispy chicken  and  Deep fried pork slices with egg yolks, just to name a few...


Prices are not bad at all for this class of restaurant.


Open daily, from before lunchtime until midnight.  Try to avoid Sundays, as the place might be chock-a-block with families.


18th floor, Lee Theatre Plaza, 99 Percival Street, Causeway Bay

Phone: 2881 1682