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Spring JuChunYuan Restaurant

Spring JuChunYuan is the Singaporean offshoot of a renowned, more than a hundred years old restaurant in China, praising itself for being the place where the legendary dish "Buddha Jumps Over the Wall" was invented, back in 1876


Buddha jumps over the wall, the restaurant's "jewel in the crown", is a highly complex Chinese stew consisting of various special ingredients like Shark's fin, Abalone, Fish maw and Scallops, and requiring one to two full days to prepare.


The dish's name shows its pretentiousness... It is said to be so tempting that even a vegetarian monk like Buddha himself could not restrain himself and would sneak out of the monastery (literally "jump over the wall") to steal a taste.


The restaurant is lavishly decked out like a traditional courtyard, with plenty of Chinese arts. The atmosphere is pleasant and refined, and the menu features a decent selection of traditional, authentic Fuzhou delicacies... Wok fried "live" Ming prawns marinated with Fuzhou Chinese teaWok fried "live" Ming prawns with garlic and spices,  Wok fried chicken with light red vinasse,  Baked scallops with black pepper  and more...


Prices are not too high (for such a place), but that depends entirely on what you order: set-menu options start at around SG$ 35 per person, while a-la-carte dinner (specialties) will probably not be less than around SG$ 60 - 80 per diner.

Open for lunch and dinner

01-01, Far East Square 130 Amoy Street                 Phone: 6536 2655