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Sorabol (Causeway Bay)

Sorabol is one of the best Korean restaurants in Hong Kong, specializing mainly in Korean BBQ dishes.


The dinning hall is relatively spacious and the elegant design, with plenty of wood, combines some Korean motifs with modern elements. 


Ambience is fairly pleasant and relaxed and while the restaurant can sometimes get busy (and noisy), the light partitions they use provide a certain degree of privacy.


As expected, the menu features various marinated BBQ dishes, as well as a selection of Korean seafood, vegetarian and hot-pot specialties.


Service is friendly and nice and the staff are knowledgeable (some of them are actually Koreans so they are really familiar with the food...)

Prices are fairly reasonable: a-la-carte Dinner is around HK$ 200-300

17/F, Lee Theater Building                                          Phone: 2881 6823