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Singapore weather

Singapore weather




With its position, one degree north of the equator, Singapore's climate can be described as Tropical-Equatorial ("Tropical rainforest climate" to be more precise) and does not have distinct seasons.  The main characteristics of this climate are: Stable, high temperature all year long, high humidity and abundant rainfall (it can possibly rain on each and every day of the year, even though there are "wetter" and "drier" seasons...)


Annual precipitation is close to 2,400 mm. and most of the rains fall during the northeast monsoon, between November and January.


July and August are the warmest and driest months, while February is considered as the clearest month, with the highest number of sunshine hours.


Average temperatures range between a minimum of 23 - 25 degrees (centigrade) during the cool hours, just before dawn, and a maximum of 30 - 33 degrees during the early afternoon hours.


Humidity ranges between 90% during the morning and 60% in the afternoon.  However, during the wet seasons, humidity can exceed the 100% mark.