Asia's cosmopolitan city
Singapore shopping guide, quality, price

Quality and Price

Singapore is known as an excellent shopping destination. Prices are comparably lower than in cities across the US, Europe or Japan (especially with no sales tax) and the variety is a lot better than in many Asian countries.


The city's shops offer a vast array of qualities, from cheap Chinese imitations to top international brand names.


The Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) maintains the CaseTrust scheme: an accrediation programme that certifies shops and retail outlets which consistently showed fairness and honesty in their dealings with consumers. Only shops that qualify for the scheme are allowed to display the CaseTrust ot CaseTrust Gold logo on their window.

If you wish to search for CaseTrust certified shops, visit their website.


A small tip from 'Metropolasia-Man':

Singapore is packed with exciting attractions and if you plan to visit some of them, purchasing the See Singapore Attraction Pass might save you quite soime money, especially if you are here with the whole familly...


One thing you should remember: Even when a certain shop displays the CaseTrust logo, it still doesn't mean you have to buy there with your eyes closed!

Check, compare price and quality, and then buy.  On the other hand, shops that do not display the CaseTrust emblem are not necessarily run by conmen...


Bargaining and haggling are not that common anymore, and most shops (not to mention large department stores) display fix prices. You are still likely to find some traditional shops where bargaining is OK, mostly in the ethnic quarters of Chintown, Little India, Geylang and Arab Street.  Private shops (that are not a part of a chain) might give a discount on the displayed price.