A day of parks, zoos and gardens



Summary: This day trip will take you to Singapore's Botanic Gardens, as well as to Jurong BirdPark, Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari.


The National Orchid Garden is located inside the Botanical Gardens and is one of Singapore's most beautiful sightseeing spots

The National Orchid Garden

We start our day trip at an early hour of the morning in Singapore Botanic Gardens. To get there: Take bus Nos. SBS 7, or 123, or 174, or SMRT 77, or 106 from the bus-stop on Orchard Boulevard, next to Orchard MRT Station, or from Somerset Road, next to Somerset MRT Station, or take 105 from Scotts Road (Far East Plaza).


Enter the gardens from the main gate (Tanglin Gate), on the corner of Cluny and Napier Road and take a pleasant stroll through the various sightseeing spots, like the Swan Lake, the Swiss Granite Fountain, the Bonsai Display and the Sun Garden, where various species of cactus can be seen, before proceeding to the gardens' main highlight – The National Orchid Garden, where you can see the world's largest collection of tropical orchids, including some 2,000 hybrids…


Continue through the Palm Valley and the "Rainforest" to the Visitors' Centre, where you can have your breakfast and onwards, to the Evolution Garden and the northern side of the gardens, where the spanking new Botanic Gardens MRT Station is located.


Singapore Botanic Gardens open daily, 5am – 12midnight, entrance is free (National Orchid Garden is open daily, 8:30am – 7pm and there is a small admission fee). Click here for a map of Singapore Botanic Gardens, which specifies the various sightseeing spots.


Take the MRT to Buona Vista Station, where you change trains and continue to Boon Lay Station. From the bus-interchange adjacent to Boon Lay Station, take bus Nos. 194 or 251 to Jurong BirdPark.

Jurong Bird Park, one of Singapore's best and most popular attractions, is probably the world's largest and best bird's zoo

Flamingo lake at Jurong Bird Park


Jurong BirdPark, possibly the best bird-zoo on earth, occupies an area of 50 acres and makes home to almost 10,000 birds, belonging to 600 different species... It boasts the world's largest collection of hornbills and toucans, as well as the world's largest walk-in aviary and the tallest manmade waterfall on earth, and runs plenty of bird shows and other fun events that appeal to kids and adults alike…


Jurong BirdPark is open daily, 8:30am - 6pm (Website)


From here, take Bushub's express bus service (Departing from Jurong BirdPark at 1pm or 2pm) and travel with it to Singapore Zoo.


After visiting the zoo, you can have a light dinner or coffee at one of the eateries near the gate and continue to the neighboring Night Safari, as soon as it opens, at 7:30pm


Quite expectedly, Singapore Zoo emphasizes on Southeast Asia's fast vanishing species and boasts one of the world's largest groups of Orangutans (The "Jungle Breakfast with Orangutans" is one of the zoo's best known attractions), as well as some Komodo Dragons (the world's largest and most fierce lizards), White Bengali Tiger and rare species of butterflies, reptiles and insects from Borneo's rainforests, but there are many other animals here, from the world's four corners.


The Night Safari is the world's first "nocturnal zoo". Its most notable tenants include Lions, Tigers, Leopards and various wild cats, alongside Hyenas and other Canids, like Foxes, Jackals and Wolfs. Obviously, there are many other interesting night animals that are not carnivores, from Rhinos and Hippos to Tapirs, Anteaters and giant bats (flying foxes).


Singapore Zoo: Daily, 8:30am – 6pm (website), Night Safari: 7:30pm – 12 midnight (website)


After visiting the Night Safari, you can use Bushub to travel back to town (see details)


Important note: Make sure that Bushub still operates the route from Jurong BirdPark to the Zoo at the time of your visit, as the success of this day trip heavily relies on it.