How to save money in Singapore ?


Singapore has lots of great attractions to offer to its visitors, and they are all exciting and well worth visiting. The problem is that each of these tourist attractions applies an entry fee, which is sometimes quite high, and when you want to visit a few of them, those entry fees can top up to a pretty significant sum of money…


That is exactly why acquiring a "discount-card" or an "attractions-pass" is such a smart investment, especially when you travel with the family, and each saving is multiplied four or five times… (In some cases, the savings can top up to hundreds of dollars).


The "See Singapore Attractions Pass" makes a great choice for those travelers who want to make the most of every simgle minute of their trip, as it allows you to enjoy as many attractions and activities as you can, within a designated period of time

See Singapore Attractions Pass

The See Singapore Attraction Pass is a "grab as much as you can" kind of pass, which allows you to enjoy free entry, or a significant discount, in a large number of top attractions and activities, for a selected duration.


You can purchase a pass that is valid for one, two, three, or five consecutive calendar days, which means you'd better activate your pass early in the morning if you want to make the most of it (again, it is NOT valid 24-hours after activation, but ONLY during the same calendar day, until midnight).


If you are a vigorous traveler, who likes to make the most of every single minute of the trip, then this pass is your perfect choice, but if you are somebody who just likes to take things slow, then the See Singapore Attraction Pass might not be your best bet…


At the time of writing, the pass sells for: US$ 72 (1-day), US$ 88 (2-days), US$ 120 (3-days) and US$ 153 (5-days): You can quite clearly see that the 2-days pass and the 5-days pass provide the best value for money, while the 1-day pass is much less of a bargain… (BTW: Kids prices are much lower). 


For more information about the pass, including a list of the participating attractions and activities, simply click here (You can also purchase the ticket here, and enjoy a good price).


Riding the "Singapore Flyer", the world's largest observation wheel, is one of the highlights of the Singapore City Pass

The Singapore Flyer


Next in line, the Singapore Flexi Pack is another great money saver! This card is actually like a "combo-ticket" which gives you entry to 3 or 5 top Singapore attractions at a cost that is significantly lower than if you would have bought the tickets to each of these attractions seperately.


The attractions include the Night Safari (+ Tram ride), Jurong Bird Park (+ monorail ride), the Singapore Zoo (again, including a tram ride), the Singapore Flyer, MINT Museum of Toys and many others, and the card is valid for a whole month after activation, so you don't have to hurry too much...



The Singapore Flexi Pack is currently selling for US$ 64 for 3-ticket and US$ 96 for 5-ticket (Significant discount for kids) and other than 3/5 entries you also get to enjoy lots of discounts at various other attractions, like the Flight Experience, Sentosa's Skyline Luge and others...


Read all about it (and book) here.



LEGOLAND® Malaysia Day Pass

Last on the list is the Universal Studios Singapore Day Pass, which, as its name denotes, is simply a day pass to Universal Studios Singapore® and is currently selling for US$ 59.


Another package-deal, well worth considering, is the LEGOLAND® Malaysia Day Pass Package, which saves a lot of precious holiday time for those of you who want to visit Asia's only Legoland theme park, in Johor Bahru (click here to read all about it and book).