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25 tips to make your holiday in Singapore more enjoyable!


Singapore Travel Tip No. 1: What is the best time to visit the Singapore flyer


Photo by: Andrew Currie     License: CC BY 2.0


Tip #1: How to make the most of your visit to the Singapore flyer?


To really enjoy your visit to the Singapore Flyer, make sure you visit it around sunset, or thereafter...


Sunset in Singapore is around 6:30 - 7pm throughout the year, which means that if you board the flyer just before it's getting dark, you will be able to get a fantastic view of the city, as it lights up like a Christmas tree...


Save your time and money. Click here to book your ticket to the Singapore Flyer online and skip the line.


You should also consider the very romantic Singapore Flyer Sky Dining.










Travel tip # 2: Sip a Singapore Sling Cocktail right at the bar where it was invented, at the Raffles Hotel

Photo by: VasenkaPhotography     License: CC BY 2.0


Tip #2: Sip a Singapore Sling right at the place where it was invented.


The Raffles Hotel, one of the world's most classy and aristocratic hotels, is where the famous cocktail was invented. Visit the hotel's "Long Bar" to enjoy it...


Join the Footsteps of Raffles tour to better understand how this bright British administrator influenced Singapore, and visit the hotel with those who know it best... More details here.



Travel Tip No 3: How to see Singapore in just a day or two? With the Singapore Hop-on hop-off bus

Photo by: shankar s.     License: CC BY 2.0

Tip #3: How to see Singapore when you only have a day or two?


Simple! Take the Singapore Hop-on Hop-off bus and enjoy a great tour of the city at a reasonable price... (Read all about it here).




Singapore Travel Tips: Enjoy the many free things that Singapore offers to its tourists and visitors 

Tip #4: Enjoy the many free things Singapore has to offer!


Singapore is not a particularly cheap destination, but it has many free things to offer to its visitors... Read this nice article to explore some of the best of them (Click here to read it).



Photo by: Khalzuri Yazid     License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Tip #5: Enjoy cheap and delicious food at the hawker centres!


Hawker centres offer great local and regional food at really reasonable prices, so make sure you visit a few of them while in Singapore... Chinatown's Smith Street also becomes a "food street" during the evening, with stalls that serve scrumptious food for peanuts. Read all about Singapore's hawker centres at this mini-guide.




 Singapore travel tip No 6: Use public transport! Singapore boasts one of the world's best public transport systems

Tip #6: Use Singapore's excellent public transport.


Singapore's public transport is inexpensive, yet very comfortable and modern! The Singapore Tourist Pass costs SG$ 10 per day and allows unlimited rides on a number of buses and trains, so getting one might be a good idea...



Singapore tips: How to enjoy a meal in a fancy restaurant without spending a firtune? Set lunch special, or buffet 

Tip #7: How to splurge in swanky restaurants without breaking the bank?


Simply keep an eye open for "set lunch specials", or "lunch-buffet deals". That is how you can splurge at the city's fanciest restaurants without breaking your savings...





Singapore travel tip # 8: A combined visit to the Singapore Zoo & Night Safari 

Tip #8: A combined visit to the Singapore Zoo & Night Safari.


If you plan to visit both Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari, you'll better spend the afternoon at the zoo, and when the zoo closes, around 6pm, have a light meal outside and move onwards to the Night Safari... This way you can spend the morning in town, or wherever you want, have lunch, and move to the zoo right after.



Singapore travel tip No 9: Use BusHub special transport services when uoi want to go to places like Singapore Zoo, the Night Safari or Jurong Bird Park 

Tip #9: Use BusHub to get to & from Singapore Zoo, the Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park.


Use BusHub when traveling to Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari, or to Jurong Bird Park. It is slightly more expensive than regular public transport, but will save you plenty of precious holiday time...




 Explore Singapore's green gardens, parks and botanic gardens

Tip #10: Explore Singapore's green side.


Make sure you visit Singapore Botanic Gardens and walk along "The Southern Ridges".

Visiting Labrador coastal nature reserve is also highly recommended, as there is an MRT station right next to it.



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