Marina Bay Sands and the "Skypark"




Southeast Asia's most amazing tourism and entertainment complex!



The world's largest infinity pool is perched on the rooftop of Singapore's Marina Bay Sands Hotel, and is considered as one of Singapore most popular attractions

The "Skypark" is perched on the roof of Marina Bay Sands, in Singapore

(Photo by: Joan Campderrós-i-Canas , License: CC BY 2.0) 







The world's largest infinity pool, in Marina Bay Sands, offers commanding views over Singapore

The magnificent infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands offers fabolous views over Singapore

( Photo by: jason goulding , License: CC BY 2.0 ) 



A short and beautiful video of Marina Bay Sands





The Shoppes is a large and glitzy shopping mall within the Marina Bay Sands, in Singapore

"The Shoppes" shopping mall, in Marina Bay Sands.

( Photo by: Bryn Pinzgauer,     License: CC BY 2.0 )







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