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Shin Kushiya (Far East Square)

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This small restaurant-chain serves some excellent "Kushiyaki" (Japanese style grill) in a lovely set up and at relatively reasonable prices.


Chic and modern Japanese style dominates the interior décor, with clean - contemporary lines... Ambience is quite pleasant and you can also dine "alfresco".


The menu is quite diversified, so everyone can find something to his liking... Quite naturally, "Kushiyaki" grill dishes dominate the scene, and those are grilled on Binchō-tan, which is a traditional Japanese white charcoal that can burn at extremely high temperature for a long time (this way, the "Kushiyaki" is being prepared fast and the meat's flavor and succulence are sealed...).  Otherwise, you can choose from a wide variety of other delicacies... From creative starters like Tako Fry: (Deep fried octopus and squid , served with mayonnaise dip),  Renkon chips (crispy lotus-root chips, served with homemade curry and seaweed salts),  Maguro Yamakake (cubes of raw Tuna, marinated with homemade wasabi soy sauce, and served with grated Japanese Mountain Yam) and Pumpkin croquettes,  to  Sashimi, Sushi, Unagi Kabayaki (grilled Japanese eel), Tempura and more...


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Prices are not too bad: around SG$ 35 - 45


Open daily for lunch and dinner (closed on Sundays)


Far East Square, 33-35 Pekin St., Chinatown

Phone: 6438 8991