Sentosa Island




Singapore's playground and premier tourist attraction



Sentosa: An aerial view over the southern shore of the island. The towers mark continental-Asia's southernmost point

Sentosa Island, Singapore: View from the Tiger Sky Tower to Palawan Beach





The monorail provides a fun and comfortable way of transport from Singapore to Sentosa

The famous Sentosa Monorail stops in Sentosa's main attractions



The cable car from Mount Faber to Sentosa passes through Harbour Front. It is the most scenic and beautiful way of travelling to Sentosa

The nicest and most scenic way to travel to Sentosa is with the cable-car





"Songs of the Sea" is a state-of-the-art show integrates dancers, pyrotechnics, water screens, three dimensional projection and laser effects

The "Songs of the Sea" is an amazing light-and-sound show

Photo by: chee.hong     License: CC BY 2.0




Siloso Beach is near the tip of Sentosa Island, and boasts some nice beach bars

Siloso Beach, Sentosa, Singapore



The "Megazip" is one of Sentosa's best attractions.



Palawan Beach is one of Sentosa's most popular beaches

Palawan Beach

The Merlion Statue in Sentosa soars to a height of almost forty meters and boasts an observation deck from which you can enjoy nice views over the island and the port

The Merlion at Sentosa



The Dolphin Lagoon is part of the Underwater World and one of Sentosa's most popular attractions









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