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Seafood restaurants in Lei Yue Mun

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Watch this short and beautiful video to get a glimpse of the fisherman's village of Lei Yue Mun, and the small cove next to it, where the famous seafood restaurants can be found...
You should also take a look at this mini-guide of Lei Yue Mun, as it boasts many nice photos.  

Alongside Lamma Island and Sai Kung, Lei Yue Mun is one of Hong Kong's best places to enjoy fresh seafood.  You can choose your live seafood from the tanks at the restaurant and let the chef take care of the rest while you relax and enjoy the unbeatable views over the eastern part of the harbor ...


To complement the dining experience, take a walk to the nearby village, where you can experience the true spirit of a traditional Hong Kong fishermen village, or at least what has been left of it...


To get to Lei Yue Mun : Take bus No. 14 C from the bus terminus, next to MTR-Kwun Tong (exit A-1 to Yue Man Square) and alight at Shung Shun Street - 崇信街 (next to the seafront promenade).  The same bus can also be taken from the bus terminus next to MTR - Yau Tong.

You can also take a cab from MTR-Yau Tong (it's just a short drive).


You can also take a walk from MTR-Yau Tong: Leave the station via exit A-2 and continue walking along Cha Kwo Ling Road (road should be on your right), which changes its name to Shung Shun Street, until you see Lei Yue Mun on your left (It is 15 minutes' walk, but a cab won't cost you too much either).

All the seafood restaurants are located along Hoi Pong Rd. / Praya Road (opposite Shung Shun St., on the other side of the small typhoon shelter).


Here are the places that we recommend :


Happy Seafood Restaurant

Open daily for lunch and dinner (till almost midnight)

53A Hoi Pong Rd. Central, Lei Yue Mun     Phone: 2340 1166 / 2340 1998


Gateway Cuisine

58A Praya Road Central, Lei Yue Mun       Phone: 2727 4628


Kam Lee Loy (金利來)

54B Lei Yue Mun Praya Road                    Phone: 2244 3003


Hoi King Seafood Restaurant (海景海鮮酒家)

43A Hoi Pong Rd Central                          Phone: 2346 7878