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A guide to Singapore's dining and entertainment precincts

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Singapore's dining and entertainment precincts are as diversified as Singapore itself, and each one of them has its own character and style, so no matter what mood you are in (or what budget you are on), one of them will probably suit you just fine...


From the glitz and glitter of Marina and Orchard Road to authentic eateries around Geylang and Little India, and from historic districts around the Singapore River and Tanjong Pagar, where beautifully restored shophouses were converted to trendy night spots, to bustling Hawker centres where you can indulge on Singaporean and Southeast Asian delicacies at very affordable prices...

No matter where you choose to go, Singapore has it, big time...


  1. Singapore River: Historic quays turned into chic dining areas
  2. Chinatown & Tanjong Pagar: From authentic eateries to trendy pubs and romantic restaurants
  3. Chijmes: A historic Catholic convent becomes a trendy lifestyle destination
  4. Orchard Road: Singapore's Fifth Avenue
  5. Marina, Suntec City and The Esplanade: Glitzy malls and lovely alfresco venues   
  6. Little India, Arab Street and Bugis: Ethnic restaurant, easygoing cafés and bars, and modern shopping malls.
  7. Geylang, Katong and The East: Superb ethnic restaurants, great seafood and a Red-light district
  8. Holland Village & Dempsey Hill : Singapore's trendy expatriate-enclave


1) The Singapore River : Historic quays turned into trendy dining-and-nightlife areas 

The three historic quays along the Singapore River, where dozens of boats used to moor in the old days, have been restored and the old warehoufses are now housing some of the city's most sought-after restaurants, cafés and bars...


Boat Quay, which used to be the largest and busiest of the three riverside-quays, is stretching along the river's south bank, right under Raffles Place's modern skyscrapers (opposite The Asian Civilisations Museum and within five minutes walk from the Merlion and the Fullerton Hotel).


Due to the deep curve of the south bank in this area, the river here looks like a fat fish's belly and the place is popularly called "The Carp's Belly"... According to Chinese belief, a carp's belly symbolizes wealth and prosperity and that is, probably, one of the reasons why this specific quay was so popular in the old days...


Nowadays, however, the narrow promenade is packed with restaurants, cafés and bars... Most of which have a waterfront balcony that provides some lovely views... Especially after dark, when the lights of the buildings around reflect on the river.


Unfortunately, many of Boat Quay's venues employ sales-promoters and although they are usually polite, saying 'no thanks' to all of them can be a bit of a nuisance... Personally, I think twice before entering a restaurant which promotes itself too vigorously, although that doesn't necessarily mean anything...


Among Boat Quay's most recommended venues are: Pasta Fresca (South Italian fare, with focus on pasta dishes), Penny Black (a London-style resto-pub), Harry's at Boat Quay (a popular jazz bar, with some nice food), Dallas (contemporary American cuisine and Steakhouse), Forlino, in neighboring One Fullerton (A world-class restaurant that serves the crème de la crème of northern-Italian cuisine, in an über-elegant surroundings), The House of Sundanese Food (specializes in the Sundanese cuisine of West-Java) and Peach Garden, on the 33rd floor of OCBC Centre (Serves superb Cantonese cuisine, with a slight modern touch, in an elegant and pleasing ambiance).


Moving upstream, still on the south bank of the Singapore River, you will get to Riverside Point, where some chic waterfront restaurants and bars can be found, including Brewerkz (real American food and home-brewed beers), Café Iguana (Good Mexican food and more than a hundred different types of Tequila) and Jumbo Seafood Restaurant (one of Singapore's best-known seafood restaurants).


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Across the bridge from Riverside Point, on the north bank, is Clarke Quay, Singapore River's dining and nightlife hub.  The old warehouses around the quay were beautifully restored and vivaciously painted, and huge canopies were erected, to provide shelter from sun and rain... There are quite a few excellent restaurants, cafés and bars around here... both on the riverside and around the fountain (including floating restaurants, housed in refurbished Chinese bumboats)


The most recommended venues in Clarke Quay include: The Pump Room (A microbrewery, contemporary-Australian bistro style restaurant and a bar with life music and dance floor, under one roof...), The Tapas Tree (Spanish resto-bar), Nectarie (a lovely coffee shop with a wide choice of lovely cakes and desserts), Coriander Leaf (Asian fusion, with delicacies from across the continent), Ivory Kitchen (specializes in South Indian coastal cuisine), Shiraz (Persian restaurant), Marrakesh (Moroccan inspired bar, with food menu), Cuba Libre (Cuba style resto-bar), Highlander (A Scottish resto-bar with an impressive collection of fine single-malt whiskies), Ras - The essence of India (Indian culinary delights from various states of the Indian sub-continent), Hot Stones (Steak and Seafood Restaurant that specializes in cooking fresh meats and seafood on serpentine volcanic stone slabs), TCC - the connoisseur concerto (Gourmet coffee and nice casual food) and the not-to-be-missed Clinic (a somewhat kinky resto-bar where patrons seat on hospital-beds and wheelchairs...)


Keep on walking upstream for a few minutes, along the river's north bank (pass Clemenceau Road), and you will arrive at Robertson Quay, the least historic of the quays.

Together with neighboring Mohamed Sultan Road, Robertson Quay forms one of Singapore's most trendy and "in" dining and entertainment areas...

Heavily frequented by the city's expats, as well as by young white-collar locals, the area's nightlife scene boasts some fantastic Japanese venues (quite a few Japanese live around here), fusion restaurants, contemporary resto-bars and nice cafés...


The most recommended venues include Aburiya (Japanese - Korean style Yakiniku grill), Sapporo Ramen Miharu (Japanese noodles house), Torisho Taka by Aoki (one of the best Japanese Yakitori grill restaurants in Singapore), EN Japanese (A chic resto-bar, serving delicious Japanese fare), Zenden (contemporary cuisine), Brasserie Wolf (this fabulous riverside brasserie serves the best of classic French cuisine in a semi-casual environment...), Brussels Sprouts (Semi stylish resto-bar, specializing in Belgian food, fusion and mussels), eM by the river (This lovely riverfront café-bar-lounge is a great place to chill-out and have some nice food and drinks...) and Queen's Tandoor (fabulous North-Indian cuisine and a nice 'alfresco' seating area...).




2) Chinatown and Tanjong Pagar : Trendy pubs, romantic restaurants, ethnic food stalls and a vibrant nightlife scene

Like in many of Singapore's historic parts, large sections of Chinatown have been restored in the last 10 or 15 years.  The rundown shophouses have been brought back to their glorious days and are now housing some fantastic restaurants and night spots.

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Far East Square, on Cross Street, just a few minutes' walk from MRT - Raffles Place and the Singapore River, on the fringe of Chinatown, is a nice place for either a "formal" dinner, or just for a cup of coffee and a snack...


The cluster of beautifully restored shophouses has been turned into a mall with shops and F&B outlets, and there are some heritage buildings right within (like the Fuk Tak Ch'i Museum, which is housed in what was one of the oldest Chinese temples in Singapore, built in 1824)


Our most recommended venues in and around Far East Square include Spring JuChunYuan Restaurant (high class Chinese restaurant), Pagi Sore (An 'almost mythological' Indonesian restaurant...), Mont Calzone (An Italian eatery, specializing in pizza and calzone), Beng Hiang Restaurant   (some of the best Hokkien food in Singapore), Botan Japanese restaurant (small and homey Japanese restaurant) and Ka Soh  - Swee kee fish-head noodle house (Popular restaurant that has been serving fantastic Singaporean delicacies for the last sixty years).


Club Street, a picturesque street lined with classic old houses, is where you can find a few fine dining establishments, with a somewhat romantic ambience...


Da Paolo il ristaorante (cozy, semi-classy restaurant, serving some of the best pasta dishes in Singapore), Senso (Italian cuisine), Desire at The Scarlet (up-class "creative nouvelle-cuisine"), Jerry's BBQ & Grill (specializes in Memphis style, authentic southern USA BBQ), The Screening Room (A lifestyle venue, combining bars, mini-cinema and a contemporary bistro under one roof...) and L'angelus (Homey French cuisine).


Kreta Ayer - The "heart" of Chinatown: The cluster of small streets, sandwiched between Upper Cross Street, South Bridge Road and MRT-Chinatown, is Chinatown's busiest and most touristy area, with an excellent Hawker Centre, food streets, night market and plenty of shops and entertainment venues...

Chinatown Complex Food Centre on Smith Street (off New Bridge), a short walking distance from MRT-Chinatown, was renovated just a few years ago... Together with the street-side eateries on Smith Street (Which is commonly known as Chinatown's food street), it boasts an excellent selection of Chinese food-stalls and eateries.


Five minutes' walk from MRT-Chinatown.  Open daily until late.


Recommended stalls include: China La Mian Steamed Buns (#02-135), Teochew St. Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle (#02-23), Hai Seng Ah Balling (#02-59) and Xiu Ji Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Fu (#02-87/88)


Recommended restaurants in the centre of Chinatown include: Qun Zhong Eating House (simple Chinese eatery, specializing in dumplings), Da Dong (an iconic 80 years old Chinese restaurant), Bei Fang Feng Wei (small eatery, serving fabulous Singaporean-influenced Chinese cuisine), Spring Court (serving Singapore-influenced Cantonese fare for the last 80 years...), Yum cha (Specializes in delicious dim-sum and dumplings), Taste Paradise (serves fabulous Chinese and Cantonese nouveau cuisine) Togi (serves delicious Korean home cooking) and Jang Won Korean Restaurant (simple Korean restaurant with great food)...


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Few minutes walk down South Bridge Road brings you to Maxwell Road Food Centre, another extremely popular Hawker Centre.  Located along Maxwell Road, between the URA building and South Bridge Street (a short walk from either Tanjong Pagar or MRT-Chinatown).  This centre is particularly famous for its wide choice of traditional snacks and finger foods (although there are more than a few 'serious dishes' to choose from) and our most recommended outlets include Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice (a legendary food stall, serving in the best Hainanese Chicken Rice around this part of Singapore), Hup Kee Ngoh Hiang (Fritters specialist) and Lim Kee Banana Fritters.  


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Tanjong Pagar, on the other side of the junction, opposite Maxwell Road Food Centre, is like the "Soho of Singapore"... Stretching along Tanjong Pagar Road, Neil Road, Duxton Road and Craig Road, this 'conservation area' boasts plenty of beautifully restored old townhouses, where characterful cafés and restaurants can be found, alongside lifestyle shops and art galleries... Works well for a romantic dinner, as much as for a nice evening-out with friends...


BROTH (Australian fusion restaurant), Buko Nero (this tiny Italian-Asian bistro is one of Singapore's most sought-after restaurants), Pasta Brava (Serves the best of authentic Italian cuisine, with a homey touch, and in lovely surroundings...), Oso (Creative Italian cuisine), Blue Ginger Restaurant (authentic Peranakan fare in a pleasant and somewhat refined environment), Otto Ristorante (superb Italian cuisine with a slight modern touch), Xi Yan private dining (A Hong Kong style private-kitchen restaurant, specializing in contemporary Chinese & Asian cuisines) and Himawari (Japanese) are some of our most recommended venues around Tanjong Pagar.


Other warmly recommended venues in Chinatown include Magma (German bistro and wine shop), Ember (up class contemporary-cuisine), Majestic Restaurant (up class Chinese-Cantonese restaurant), and Whatever, the bookstore and Café (Delicious vegetarian-healthy food and a yoga centre) in the Bukit Pasoh area, right next to Tanjong Pagar (on the other side of Neil Road).




3) Chijmes : The historic Catholic convent which became a trendy lifestyle destination


Centrally located along Bras Basah Road, just a short stroll from both MRT - City Hall and MRT-Bras Basah stations, Chijmes (pronounced Chimes) started as a complex of Catholic
convent buildings, known as the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus, back in the 1840s.


The whole complex has been beautifully restored in the late 1980s and converted into a trendy lifestyle destination, with shops, restaurants, bars and an art gallery. 


There are also quite a few free open-air concerts and other live performances that take place on weekends and public holidays...


Our "most recommended" list include Insomnia (The Singaporean offshoot of one of Hong Kong's most popular night spots.), Bobby's Taproom (a nice resto-bar that serves some of the best ribs in Singapore, alongside some other excellent grilled meats), Hog's breath café (a 1950's American-style diner-bar, serving a decent choice of steaks, Burgers, Seafood, Salads and fabulous desserts...), La Viva (A semi-stylish Spanish tapas-bar), Carnivore (A Brazilian "churascaria" with live shows) and Japanese Dining Sun (One of Singapore's most favorite restaurants). 


4) Orchard Road : Singapore's Fifth Avenue

Although Orchard Road gained its international fame for its glitzy steel and glass malls, where hundreds and hundreds of swanky shops are selling the world's leading brand names at better prices, what the street has to offer goes beyond just shopping... Even if Orchard Road is not a designated Wine & Dine precinct (like Chijmes or Clarke Quay), it's still home to many of Singapore's best restaurants, cafés, bars and night spots...


The list below reflects only a fraction of Orchard Road's recommended venues... You should really take a few minutes and browse through our search tool to see the full list...


Lawry's The Prime Rib, is possibly one of Singapore's finest grill-houses, best known for its roasted prime ribs of beef.  Not far from there, at the legendary Goodwood Park hotel (on Scotts Road) Gordon Grill is another Singaporean culinary institution.  Black Angus Steakhouses, at the Orchard Parade Hotel (1 Tanglin Road) serves sensational USDA slow-roasted "Prime Rib" and USDA Steaks alongside a wide selection of American delicacies, while Dan Ryan's Chicago Grill at Tanglin Place, serves great American food and steaks in a more casual ambience.

Café and casual dining options include The Marmalade Pantry at ION Orchard, Pete's Place (at the Grand Hyatt), where you can enjoy a lovely Salad-buffet and some great Italian fare, Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge (A nice variety of European fare, alongside a decent selection of luscious cakes and desserts, served with a touch of class...), Projectshop Café at The Paragon (nice fusion between east and west), Bakerzin, also at the Paragon, serves splendid desserts and cakes, as well as delicious café fare and light meals in a fairly pleasant environment, and the elegant Coffee Lounge, at the classic Goodwood Park hotel (on Scotts Road) is where you can have your traditional high-tea, just like in the good old days...


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Gourmands and buffet-lovers should seriously consider paying a visit to restaurants like The Line, Shangri-la hotel (not exactly on Orchard Road - but one hell of a buffet place). Carousel, at the Royal Plaza on Scotts, is also serving one of the best (and richest) buffets in Singapore, and so does the Triple 3 at The Meritus Mandarin.  Straits Kitchen, a buffet-restaurant at the Grand Hyatt, serves the best of Singapore's street-food and Hawker-centre-fare in a pleasant and modern surroundings... and Four Seasons Hotel's One-Ninety boasts one of Singapore's most splurge-worthy Sunday Brunches...

For a high-end dining experience, try places like Hua Ting at Orchard Hotel, Shang Palace at the Shangri-La or Jiang Nan Chun at the Four Seasons (Among Singapore's best Chinese restaurants), Domvs (serving delicious Sicilian cuisine in a refined environment for the last more than twenty years), The Song of India (Indian gourmet-restaurant), Les Amis (one of Singapore's gourmet landmark, serving fine French and contemporary cuisine in a very posh environment. ) and Blu (A romantic rooftop restaurant, specializing in creative French-inspired cuisine).


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Other notable establishments around Orchard Road include Que Pasa, behind Peranakan PlaceCrystal Jade at Plaza Singapura (A wildly popular Cantonese/Chinese restaurant-chain), Teochew City Seafood Restaurant (one of Singapore's best Teochew dining houses), LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant at Liat Towers (near MRT Orchard), where some of the best Chinese vegetarian food can be enjoyed, Modesto's (Italian cuisine and wood-fired pizza), Ootoya, at Orchard Central (lovely Japanese food at affordable prices). Sumi Yakitori  and  Nanbantei are serving some of the best Japanese Yakitori in Singapore, and at Chatterbox, you can enjoy some of the best Chicken Rice in town (as well as Lobster Laksa and Nasi Lemak) while admiring the commanding views...

Again... there are a lot more places around Orchard Road that are worth knowing about... Check our search-tool (within the Singapore Restaurant and Nightlife Guide)


5) Marina Bay, Suntec City and The Esplanade : Glittering shopping malls and lovely alfresco venues

The area around Marina Bay, the small inlet to which the Singapore River flows, not far from the town centre, is fast becoming Singapore's new "City", as reclaimed land is quickly covered with modern skyscrapers, luxurious hotels and international cultural centres, all part of a long term plan to turn Marina Bay into Southeast Asia's trendiest shopping and entertainment zone.


One of the nice things about the malls around this area, is that most of them boast some fairly large outdoor areas, with fountains and landscaped gardens, where many excellent restaurants, cafés and bars can be found (especially Marina Bay Sands, where you can easily spend a whole day)...


New York New York (Citylink Mall) serves delicious American-diner fare, like All-day breakfast, BBQ spare ribs and Giant Yankee burger...  

Paulaner Bräuhaus, in Millenia Walk, is a popular German-Bavarian resto-bar and microbrewery... Still in Millenia Walk, Rakuzen is possibly one of the best Japanese restaurants on this side of town, and so is Tomi Sushi and Saboten.


Pho House, at Suntec City Mall, serves some of the best Vietnamese food around, while Bombay Cafe Xpress (also at Suntec City) serves lovely Indian vegetarian fare at a reasonable price.


In Marina Square, 7,107 flavours is a fairly popular Filipino resto-bar, while Fin Seafood Café serves delicious seafood at a fraction of what it would have cost in an upmarket restaurant.  Dian Xiao Er, also in Marina Square, is where you can enjoy Chinese-style cooking with herbs.


Across the street, at The Esplanade Mall, Max Brenner is the right place for chocoholics and coffee lovers, Thai Express  serves fairly delicious Thay food at surprisingly reasonable prices and Jang Shou Korean BBQ specializes, as its name suggests... in Korean BBQs


For a real splurge: Hai Tien Lo, on Pan-Pacific Hotel's 37th floor, serves some of the best Cantonese cuisine in town, together with breathtaking cityscape views... Dolce Vita, right next to the pool at the luxurious Mandarin Oriental hotel, serves luscious and flavorful Mediterranean cuisine in a lovely surrounding... and Morton's of Chicago, also at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, is one of Singapore's best steakhouses.


The Sunday Champagne Brunch at the Ritz-Carlton Milenia, held at the hotel's Greenhouse restaurant, the weekend Dim-sum buffet at Mandarin Oriental's Cherry Garden Restaurant and the Weekend Italiano buffet at Ristorante Bologna (Marina Mandarin Hotel) are all worth knowing about ... Those three buffets are, by all means, among the best in town...



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6) Little India, Arab Street & Bugis : Authentic ethnic restaurants, easygoing cafés and bars, and modern shopping malls


Lying northeast of the city centre and Orchard Road, The ethnic quarters of Little India and Arab Street are almost as authentic as you can get in Singapore...


Good Indian restaurants and eateries are the main scene across Little India, alongside some traditional snack & sweet shops, and a few "non-Indian surprises"... The shops along Serangoon Road, Little India's main thoroughfare, also stay open until fairly late...


Arab Street and the neighboring alleys of Kampong Glam are naturally packed with Middle Eastern and Muslim restaurants and cafés, where you can seat alfresco, smoke your shisha (Hubble Bubble) and forget you are just a few minutes' walk from Suntec City and Marina Bay Sands...


Bugis Street, once Singapore's sleaziest pit, was internationally known for its colorful population of transvestites and transwomen, until the party came to an end, sometimes in the mid-1980s, when the street underwent major urban redevelopment and was turned into a retail complex of modern shopping malls, restaurants and nightspots.



Great Middle Eastern Cuisine, Lebanese restaurants and Turkish-style cafes, as well as hip and chic shops, in Haji Lane and Arab Street.

Bugis Junction Mall is the first shopping complex in Singapore that comprises of actual shopping streets, covered by a glass ceiling : Colonial shophouses are lined along what used to be Singapore's 'sin street' , in a (not-so-successful) attempt to bring back some of the special atmosphere that this area enjoyed during its heydays...  The mall is easily accessed through MRT-Bugis and, other than the usual shebang of international brand names and lifestyle shops, there is youth themed area, a cineplex and a good choice of restaurants there...


Our Little India's favorites-list includes Banana Leaf Apollo (A Little India's culinary institution, serving a plethora of both north and south Indian specialties... both vegetarian and non-vegetarian...), Komala Vilas (another Iconic restaurant which has been serving South Indian Vegetarian dishes for more than 60 years...), Muthu's (one of Singapore's most reputable curry-houses), Delhi Restaurant (serving lovely North Indian fare in a nice environment and at very reasonable prices...), Andhra Curry (A small eating house, serving some no-nonsense South Indian curries), Mustard(one of the only restaurants in Singapore that specializes in the Bengalese cuisine), Anjappar Authentic Chettinaad Restaurant, on Syed Alwi Road (not far from "Mustafa") serves the best Chettinaad food in Singapore, from the state of Tamil Nadu in south India, while Sankranti, right next to it, serves fantastic north-Indian cuisine, with a good variety of vegetarian dishes. Bar B Q Tonight, in Zaman Centre, on the corner of Roberts Lane and Serangoon Rd. (A wide choice of Muslim-Indian BBQ specialties) and... French Stall (French 'haute-cuisine' at very reasonable prices...)


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Around Arab Street, Kampong Glam and Bugis, we mostly recommend Ting Yuan Ma La (seriously spicy, authentic Szechwan hot-pot (steamboat) dishes...), M.A. Dean - Biasa restaurant (This humble eatery serves a variety of delicious Hokkien and Southeast-Asian dishes.), Olive Tree Mediterranean Buffet (Located at the luxurious Inter-Continental, right within Bugis, Olive Tree is one of Singapore's best choices for a Mediterranean-influenced seafood buffet.), The Soup Spoon, at Bugis Junction (creative soups and light cafe-fare), Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao, also at Bugis Junction (renowned Cantonese restaurant), Ma Maison Restaurant, also in Bugis Junction (contemporary Japanese cuisine, with aFrench touch), Beirut Grill, on Bussorah Street (Middle Eastern restaurant and lounge-bar), B Bakery (western style cafe'), Vintage Delicafe (a small and cozy street-side cafe, serving european and Italian specialties), Café le Caire (Great Middle Eastern food and ambience), Deli Moroccan (This unpretentious café serves some lovely Middle Eastern and European food in a nice environment.), Wild Rocket at Mt. Emily (one of Singapore's best and most pleasant modern-fusion resto-bars), El Sheikh (Lebanese & Middle Eastern food), Alaturka (Turkish and Middle Eastern fare in a nice and pleasing environment and at relatively moderate prices).


7) Geylang, Katong and The East Coast : Great ethnic restaurants, Red-light district and some excellent seafood.

Located on the eastern side of Singapore, pretty much away from the centre, Geylang (also known as Geylang Serai) is the home of Singapore's mostly-Muslim Malay community - The only ethnic minority that was present on the island before the arrival of Sir Raffles and his fellow Brits...


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Geylang's life revolves around two main hubs: The first is Joo Chiat Road, which actually crosses Geylang from north to south, starting from the Malay Village.  Here you can find plenty of beautifully restored old shophouses, excellent ethnic restaurants and some unique shops...


Old Katong, at the bottom of Joo Chiat Road, is where Singapore's Peranakan community used to flourish in the old days.


Singapore's East Coast is where you will find some of Singapore's best and most popular food centers (specializing in seafood), including the East Coast Lagoon Food Centre and the East Coast Seafood Centre, on the other side of the small lagoon.


The other hub is the area around the central section of Geylang Road, south of MRT-aljunied (especially between Lorongs 6 and 24) where Singapore's sex industry flourishes, alongside numerous authentic restaurants, eateries and karaoke clubs... Most of the brothels within Geylang's red-light district are legal... However, as it normally happens in the sex business, things went out of hand along the years and hundreds (if not thousands) of "street walkers" from across Asia can now be seen in the numbered streets (Lorongs) on both sides of Geylang Road.


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Here is our 'most recommended' list:


Geylang (Joo Chiat Road): Hajah Maimunah Restaurant is a small and homey restaurant, serving Southeast Asian delicacies. Madame Low Eating House specializes in Chinese and Thai style stir-fried dishes, Just Greens Vegetarian Food boasts a wide variety of light and healthy Chinese & Southeast Asian vegetarian delicacies... Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant is serving authentic Peranakan cuisine, as well as Hainanese fare, for well over 50 years... and Emperor's Soup serves 'Haute Cantonese cuisine' at a relatively reasonable price...


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In Katong: Old Hong Kong in Katong serves a wide range of delicious Cantonese and Hong Kong style delicacies, 24 hours a day...  The Original Katong Spoon Laksa has been selling some of the best Katong Laksa in Singapore for more than 50 years... 328 Katong Laksa is another good place to try Katong Laksa, and Kim Choo Kueh Chang serves delicious Peranakan fare (especially traditional rice dumplings)


On the East Coast: you should consider, of course, a dinner at one of the seafood legends... Jumbo Seafood Restaurant , Long Beach seafood restaurant and No Signboard Seafood at the East Coast Seafood Centre, or Tung Lok Seafood at East Coast recreation centre.


Other recommended venues include Leng Heng BBQ Seafood & Claypot deluxe in East Coast Lagoon Food Village, Meng Kee Satay Bee Hoon also in East Coast Lagoon Food Village (serves some of the best, authentic Singaporean Bee Hoon) and The Mango Tree (Specializing in the coastal cuisines of the states of Goa and Kerala, in South India)


8) Holland Village & Dempsey Hill : Singapore's trendy expatriate-enclave and a former British Army Barracks which became a popular lifestyle destination.

Dempsey Hill, where the British Army Barracks used to be in the old days, is a lush and green area, located on the fringe of the city centre, right next to Singapore Botanic Gardens.  The old military buildings were beautifully converted to modern lifestyle restaurants, bars and entertainment venues... All with lovely 'alfresco' areas.


There are two sections: Dempsey Hill Green (facing Holland Road and Singapore Botanic Gardens), and Dempsey Hill, just a few steps further in...


Further down the road, Holland Village, Singapore's expatriate enclave, is a trendy shopping and nightlife precinct, with many popular hangouts for both locals and expats...  It boasts a good range of cafés, restaurants and specialty shops, where you can find unique arts and crafts, brick-a-brack and so on... 


Our "most recommended list" for Dempsey Hill includes Prime society (A fabulous restaurant, specializing in grilled-meats, as well as in seafood and contemporary cuisine), Margarita's serves decent portions of delicious, flavorful Mexican fare, La Fondue specializes in Swiss style Fondue dinning, PS Café is one of Singapore's trendiest and most popular cafés and... Samy's Curry Restaurant (This almost mythological restaurant has been serving decent South Indian curries and Tandoor dishes for the last fifty years or so...)


Our Holland Village list includes Bistro petit salut (serves the best of French and Southern European cuisine in a very pleasant and cozy ambience),  Wala Wala Café & Bar (This lovely two-storied Café & Bar is a great place to listen to some excellent live music (lots of 1960s and 1970s), and have some good food and drinks with friends...), Michelangelo's is the flagship restaurant of Chef Angelo Sanelli's thriving Michelangelo's restaurant group, Original Sin is a lovely restaurant that serves some fantastic vegetarian food from the cuisines of Italy and the Middle East... Cha Cha Cha, as well as El Patio are both recommended for Mexican food and bar, and Friends@Jelita serves fine European cuisine in a semi-formal surroundings and at relatively reasonable prices (




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