Pulau Ubin




A quaint tropical island in Singapore



Coconut palms in Pulau Ubin Island, near Singapore

A tropical island right next to Singapore: Pulau Ubin

Photo by: alex.ch       License: CC BY 2.0



A beautiful 2-minutes' virtual trip of Pulau Ubin



Traditional village houses can still be seen on the island of Pulau Ubin, in Singapore 

A traditional 'kampong' (village) house on Pulau Ubin Island




Check Jawa, on the eastern side of Pulau Ubin Island, in Singapore, is a fantastic marine and wetlands reserve, well worth visiting

Check Jawa Wetlands is a must-see for marinelife lovers

Photo by: Walter Lim       License: CC BY 2.0



A day trip to Pulau Ubin Island, Singapore (3-minutes' video)




Pulau Ubin Island, in Singapore, is quiet and relaxed.

Traditional village houses on the beach, at Pulau Ubin Island

Photo by: Yusoff Abdul Latiff       License: CC BY 2.0






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