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Peking-style steamboat buffet at Jade Room Restaurant

This 40 years old Chinese culinary institution is famous for its ever popular "Tropical Peking-style Steamboat Buffet"...  Steamboat is the Chinese version of fondue style dinning (although it has nothing to do with cheese...), a hotpot with stock is placed in the middle of the table, surrounded by plates of various raw ingredients, like: prawns, cockles, fish balls, meat cuts, dumplings, tofu, mushroom and what not... and the diners cook their selection whenever they want.


Other than an excellent steamboat, with plenty of fresh ingredients to choose from (and some lovely sauces to accompany), the buffet also boasts a cooked-food station where you can enjoy some crisp fried chicken wings and other delicacies, while you wait for your steamboat food to get ready...


Prices are very reasonable: Lunch time buffet is around SG$ 18, while dinner buffet is around SG$ 20

Open daily for lunch and dinner

Hotel Royal, 36 Newton Rd., Newton                         Phone: 6251 8135