Mint Museum of Toys



The world's first toys' museum



Nostalgic "Batman" toys are on display in the toys' museum of Singapore

Vintage Batman toys in the Mint Museum of Toys, in Singapore



Vintage Beatles items and games

vintage Beatles paraphernalia can also be seen at the Mint Museum of Toys, Singapore



Old space toys at the Museum of Toys

Historic tin toys at the MINT Museum of Toys



A short and interesting video, presenting Singapore's Museum of toys



An old poster of Popeye and Olive oil in the Mint Museum of Toys.  There are some really "antique" Popeyes in the museum, well worth seeing

An old poster of Popeye and his beloved wife...

Felix the cat comes to live in the toys museum of Singapore

Felix the cat and his friends can also be seen



Tinplate toys

Nostalgic tinplate toys from all over the world






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