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Melt - The World Cafe

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Melt - The World Café, at The Oriental Singapore (Mandarin Oriental) serves one of the best buffet dinners in town and is truly a worthy candidate for the "best buffet in Singapore" title…


Self-described as a "multi-cultural cooking theatre", the popular Asian and International buffet boasts an immense variety of international delicacies that are as beautifully presented as they are delicious… At the seafood station, you will be welcomed by an astonishing selection of seafood, skillfully arranged on a mountain of ice, including Lobsters, Crabs, Prawns, Blue Mussels, Oysters and what not… Then there is a decent choice of fresh sushi and Sashimi… Another station serves sizzling Thai food, while the next one offers a great variety of delicacies from the Indian cuisine, including different pot dishes and biryanis…


For those of you who prefer a bit of a European "touch", there is a wide variety of imported cheeses, as well as cold cuts like Parma ham, turkey ham, salami and their likes… Then there are stations where you can get made-to-order pastas and noodle specialties, and from Thursday to Saturday evenings, they also have a Sizzling Barbecue outside, with a good selection of meats, fish and seafood…


I know it may sound like a cliché, but you should keep enough room for the desserts, as they are awesome… From made-to-order Belgian waffles with soft ice-cream and various chocolate toppings, to different types of mousse, and from luscious cheesecakes and Tiramisu, to chocolate fondue…



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Prices are not low, but are not outrageously high either, defiantly not for this quality: Weekdays Lunch Buffet (Mon – Sat) is slightly less than SG$ 60, while the Dinner Buffet (Sun – Wed) is just under SG$ 70, and the special Weekend Dinner Buffet (Thu – Sat, including BBQ) goes for SG$ 78


Open daily for lunch and dinner.

4th floor, The Oriental Singapore (Mandarin Oriental)

5 Raffles Avenue
Phone: 6885 3082


Melt - The World Café is one of the best buffets in Singapore