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Macau Restaurant and Nightlife Guide

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Although Macau is much smaller than Hong Kong and its nightlife is not as boisterous as that of its larger neighbor, this fascinating city still prides itself for having some of Asia's nicest restaurants, as well as some excellent cafés, cake shops, bars, pubs and, of course... casinos, where the show goes on 24 hours a day...

This Macau Restaurants Guide (which is the largest section of our website, by far...) is packed with quality information about Macau's most recommended dining and entertainment venues.


We constantly try to look for the best places in town... Cross-checking and comparing different sources of information (and opinions), just to ensure that each of the businesses we cover is, indeed, worth mentioning...


Loyal to our "no nonsense" policy, there are no photos, video clips and bombastic graphics here... just good information that will really help you understand what is unique about each and every one of the venues (including all the necessary details).