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Our Macau Travel Guide was created to help you discover this charming city, so you can get much more out of your visit.


Many travelers consider Macau as Hong Kong's little sister (and, therefore, as a smaller version of Hong Kong) and as a place that has nothing much to offer, other than gambling...


Both assumptions are wrong : Macau is very different from Hong Kong and has a lot to offer to its visitors... both gamblers and non gamblers. 


The tiny territory, which covers an area of just more than 25 square kilometers, features a fascinating blend of cultures that developed in more than 450 years of Portuguese presence and colonialism... Ancient Chinese temples stand next to Baroque style churches, old colonial buildings are shadowed by modern, glittering skyscrapers, traditional Chinese teahouses coexist alongside Portuguese cafés and old cobbled walkways stand in contrast to the ultra-modern bridges...


The Historic Centre of Macau,

a recently declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, is composed of sites that showcase the unique and mixed European-Asian cultural heritage of Macau.  Other than visiting the old city with its fascinating buildings and streets, the visitor to Macau can also enjoy some good beaches, sport and cultural activities and even, believe it or not, some nice nature walks... Our Macau Travel Guide will take you to all these places and more...


Macau is, obviously, the Far East's Las Vegas.  Dazzling neon signs attract patrons to walk in and spend their money, and a visit to one of the city's classic casinos is a must-do, whether you are a gambler or not...


Free travel guides to Hong Kong! Click here to download our two most popular travel guides for free



What can you find in our Macau Travel Guide?


The sub-category buttons on the left will take you to informative articles on Macau's history, weather, culture, food and other general-information topics...


Our "Macau Travel Information" section covers most of the travel-related information you may need to know... From Macau travel basics (when to go, visa regulations, communications, emergencies, Etc...), In and Out of Macau (covers almost every possible way of getting in and out of the city...), Getting around Macau (a comprehensive guide to Macau's transport) and More information, where you can find out where to get more information...


Macau Tours, Attractions and Sightseeing is a section that covers almost every place of interest in Macau through exciting do-it-yourself day trips that take you to every corner of the territory...


The Macau Hotels and Accommodation Guide is divided into five budget-related subcategories:

Every hotel, hostel and guesthouse in our "Macau Hotels and Accommodation Guide" was recommended by both travelers and tourism professionals.


An accommodation tip from 'Metropolasia Man':

Currently, we recommend two online hotel reservation services (with whom we work): The first is Agoda - A leading accommodation website that specializes in East Asia and provides truly good deals for hotels in Macau, and the second is Hotels Combined - A price-comparison-service for hotels that searches 30 of the world's major travel sites instantly, assisting you to find the best possible rate.


Macau Restaurant and Nightlife Guide is the largest section of this website... Here you can find dozens of recommended restaurants, authentic eateries, food stalls, cafés, bars, pubs and other night spots... All were recommended by numerous visitors and locals alike.


Our Macau Shopping & Lifestyle Guide is where you can find plenty of useful information about the city's colorful shopping districts, as well as plenty of good tips about shopping in Macau.


And last but not least... Macau Gambling and Casino Guide, where you can find all the info you may want to know about this "Asian Las Vegas"... From recommended casinos to explanation about the games themselves.


Many visitors to Hong Kong take a short day-trip to Macau or avoid it altogether... We hope our website will help you to re-discover this beautiful territory, so you will spend more than just a day here, on your next visit.


Enjoy your Macau visit.




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