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Lotus is a popualr and very innovative resto-bar that redefines Thai cuisine.


The young and talented Australian chef who runs the place uses traditional Thai and Southeast Asian cuisines as a base from which he develops his scrumptious culinary creations... Most of which are decently seasoned and flavorful.


The bar is managed by a renowned "mixologist" who is in charge of the extraordinary cocktails...


Nice, vivacious atmosphere and excellent food make a perfect night out.


Prices are quite adequate : A decent a-la-carte dinner is around HK$ 300

Open daily for lunch (12 noon - 3 pm) and dinner (6 - 11 pm) and the bar stays open much later... On weekends there is an "all day brunch", from 10am to 5pm


5 Staunton Steet, SoHo                          Phone: 2543 6290