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Long Beach seafood restaurant - Tanglin Village

This iconic restaurant has been serving fabulous seafood dishes since god knows when... and although it has grown into a small chain, it is still as good and popular as before.


The outlets are decked out like typical Chinese seafood eating-houses... simple, nice and pleasant... but not too sophisticated or showy.  Large aquariums packed with marine-creatures you never heard about and decent 'alfresco' dinning area, as expected from such an establishment.


The diversify menu features a long list of Chinese style seafood delicacies, from the house popular signature dishes, to the ever changing 'special of the day' items...


Recommended favorites include their famous Chili Crab and Black pepper crab (both are Singaporean culinary icons), Classic white pepper Alaskan crab, Edinburgh style lobster with creamy sauce, Live tiger sea mantis with spicy salt and pepper and Scottish bamboo clam...  Those of you who want to try something other than seafood will be pleasantly surprised: their Renowned crispy duck and Mandarin pork are both scrumptious.


As expected, weekends are very busy... have some patience or come during the week


Prices are quite reasonable: expect to spend around SG$ 35 - 55 for a decent meal

25 Dempsey Road, Tanglin Village                            Phone: 6323 2222

Open daily for lunch and dinner (until well after midnight)