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Lin Heung Tea House

Visiting Hong Kong ?
Guided day tours are a very nice way to explore this unique and beautiful metropolis...

If you feel like a true, authentic Hong Kong style "yum cha" experience, than good-old Lin Heung is probably one of your best choices... Do not expect to find elegant or romantic ambience here... It is just a simple place that has been serving scrumptious Dim sum and excellent Cantonese cuisine for years, at a very good price.   The staff do not speak proper English but with a bit of patience and some assistance from other customers, you'll manage to place your order...

Prices are very reasonable: Much less than HK$ 100 per person

Open daily from 6 am to 11 pm

Address: 160-164 Wellington St., Central.                 Phone: 2544 4556

Nearest MTR station: Central