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Kulfi bar

Kulfi, the Indian version of ice cream, is a rich and luscious dessert, made from fresh fat milk which is boiled until it reduces to a thick cream... It is then mixed with exotic spices like Saffron and Cardamom, and with fruits and nuts, like Mango, Pistachios and Almonds (just to name a few...) and placed in the freezer... before it can be served.  Obviously, Kulfi's texture is far more dense and thick than that of a western-style ice-cream, as it is not whipped with air...


For those of you who hang about Little India and want to have a try of this lovely sweet treat, Kulfi Bar is one of the best places to go to... they also have some unique Indian teas and a shop, selling Indian paraphernalia...

Prices are very moderate

Open daily, from late morning till late evening

15 Upper Dickson Road, Little India