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Kim Choo Kueh Chang

This popular restaurant has been serving delicious Peranakan fare (especially traditional rice dumplings) for the last God knows how many years...


Located in an old shophouse in Katong, the stronghold of Singapore's Peranakan community, Kim Choo serves a wide variety of traditional Glutinous rice dumplings wrapped with fragrant pandan leaves (those dumplings are similar to the famous "Zongzi" which is popular during the Dragon Boat Festival).


Other than scrumptious rice dumplings, the menu features a decent choice of delicacies, including well-known favorites like Papaya titik soup (spicy soup with papaya and seafood),  Babi Pongteh (Nonya style stewed pork),  Ayam Curry (Peranakan chicken curry),  Ayam Buah Keluak (a traditional dish of chicken and Buah Keluak bitter nuts),  and  Sambal Udang (stir fried prawns with spicy Sambal-Belachan condiment).


Prices are quite reasonable: around SG$ 20 - 35 for a decent meal

Open daily, from morning till evening

109/111 East Coast Road, Katong,                           Phone: 6741 2125

60 Joo Chiat Place, Geylang,                                     Phone: 6344 0830