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Located at the opulent Pan Pacific, this restaurant serves fabulous Japanese fare in an extremely beautiful set up.


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Ambience and décor play a big role here: The restaurant is surrounded by a beautiful Japanese rooftop garden, with serene Koi ponds and meticulously manicured Bonsai... In the restaurant itself, you can choose between the main dinning room and the private "Tatami rooms" or one of the counters...  The atmosphere is very pleasant and quite authentic Japanese, and the service is excellent.


The comprehensive menu presents different Japanese cooking styles, so everybody can find something to his liking... from scrumptious Teppanyaki grill dishes (cooked on hot iron plate) to Yakitori and Kushiyaki grilled meats (grilled on special Binchō-tan charcoal) and from a variety of fresh Sushi and Sashimi to different Kaiseki, Kaiseki options (a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner, similar to Western haute cuisine) and Shabu Shabu (the Japanese version of Hotpot)... everything is delicious.


Prices are quite high but the dining experience is definitely splendid.

Open daily for lunch and dinner (brunch buffet during weekends)

Level 4, Pan Pacific Hotel, Raffles Boulevard             Phone: 6826 8240