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Japan, "Land of the Rising Sun"


Japan is, without any doubt, one of East Asia's most popular travel destinations,

and can be easily combined with Hong Kong and Macau.


The country consists of more than 3,000 islands that occupy an area of almost 380,000 km2 in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean, and stretch over thousands of Kilometers, from the Ryukyu Islands in the south, next to Taiwan and the Tropic of Cancer, all the way to the island of Hokkaido in the north, next to the Russian island of Sakhalin.


Japan has a long and rich history, and boasts hundreds of exciting heritage sites and ancient temples, as well as some of the world's most modern cities...


It is a land of contrasts, beautiful nature sceneries and fascinating culture... 

Recommended travel resources

JapanVisitor is a fantastic source of information for tourists, business travelers and even for those who wish to reside in Japan.  The website features detailed travel-guides to Japan's main cities, tourist attractions and places of interest,  as well as hotels, transport information, entry requirements, practical information and more...