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Jang Shou Korean BBQ

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Located at the lively restaurants complex of Colours by the bay in Esplanade Mall, surrounded by a nice garden and a beautiful cityscape scenery, Jang Shou serves some seriously good Korean BBQ in a nice environment and at relatively sensible prices.


Authenticity and quality play an important role in this popular restaurant, which imports all its seasoning ingredients directly from Korea, and creates outstandingly delicious marinades for its top quality beef ribs and pork cuts.

Recommended dishes include the Grilled pork ribs, Grilled pork belly, Galbi (marinated beef ribs) and Grilled briskets, as well as some non-barbecued delicacies, like the Kimchi casseroleNoodle casserole with mushroom  and  Cold noodles with hot sauce...  there is also a good supply of free side dishes, like Kimchi...


Prices are quite reasonable: around SG$ 30 - 45 for dinner


Open daily for lunch and Dinner (on Sundays and public holidays - dinner only)


01-13A/B Esplanade Mall, (Colours by the Bay)                        

Phone: 6337 8880


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