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Imperial Herbal Restaurant

When this well known restaurant opened its doors, back in 1988, it brought a unique dinning concept to the Singaporean culinary scene... cooking with medicinal herbs.  Alongside the chefs, there are Chinese herbalists on duty, ensuring that the food will not only be delicious but will also be good for you... You can actually consult with their in-house herbalists, before placing your order, and they will diagnose you and recommend dishes that will keep your Yin and Yang balanced.


After almost 20 years in the Metropole hotel, the restaurant has recently moved to its new (and bigger) home at the gigantic VivoCity shopping mall. 


Elegantly designed in a typical Chinese-restaurant style, the large dinning hall is encircled with a floor-to-ceiling window that renders some lovely views over the harbor and Sentosa Island.  The ambience is fairly pleasant and the food is superb, with more than a hundred delicacies to choose from.


The small and chic Sinchi Tcafe, next to the restaurant, is where you can get Dim-sum, snacks and beverages in a more youngish ambience...

Prices are slightly high: around SG$ 50 - 60

Open daily for lunch and dinner

#03-08, Lobby G VivoCity                                         Phone: 6337 0491