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Hong Kong Itinerary Trip Planner, plan your trips and tours in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Itinerary Trip Planner

Suggested itineraries for travelers with limited time   

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The Hong Kong Itinerary Planner makes it easier for you to plan your holiday in Hong Kong

As you have probably noticed already, there is alot to see and do in Hong Kong... From super modern skyscrapers, to world-class shopping malls, fabulous museums, historic districts where Chinese traditions still exist, temples, nature reserves, beautiful beaches, quaint and picturesque islands, bustling markets and, of course, international attractions like Hong Kong Disneyland and the Ocean Park...



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In the next chapters, we will guide you through Hong Kong's different areas and will show you what is worth seeing in each and every one of them...


The list of sites and attractions in every zone is built like a "trail" that passes through all the interesting sites of this particular zone... Obviously, most of you will not have the time to see each and every one of the sites and that is why the "itineraries" are built in a way that will make it easy for you to focus only on these sites that appeal to you, while skipping the ones that you don't find interesting...


To make your life even easier (After all, what are we here for...), we created this "Hong Kong Itinerary trip planner" where you will find suggested itineraries for those who have only 24 hours to spend in Hong Kong... Only 48 hours... and so on and so forth...


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