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What to buy in Hong Kong?




What to buy in Hong Kong - Computer, computer ware, software, hardware

Golden Computer Centre



Electronics and computer : Hong Kong boasts a great variety and the prices are relatively low, especially when it comes to computers and computer-related products.


Hong Kongers just love computers and gadgets, which means you can find the world’s cutting edge technology at the city's shops, including things that have not yet reached the rest of the world, at fairly moderate prices...


Provided you know what you are looking for and how much are you ready to pay, you can end up spending far less than you would in Europe, Australia, or the States.


The best places to shop for computers and computer-related products, including games and softwares are

  • Golden Computer Centre and Golden Computer Arcade, in Sham shui Po (A short stroll from Sham shui Po's MTR Station)
  • Mong Kok Computer Centre, on 8 Nelson Street, in Mong Kok (a few steps from the famous "Ladies' Market")
  • Wan Chai Computer Centre, on 130 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai (right next to exit B-1 of Wan Chai MTR Station)  
  • In Windsor House, on 311 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay, there is a "computer mall" on the 10th and 11th floors (Causeway Bay MTR station, exit E)
  • Star Computer City , in Star House, right next to the Star Ferry Pier in Tsim-sha-Tsui, boasts a whole floor dedicated to computers. It is smaller (and usually pricier) than the big computer centres in Mong Kok and Sham shui Po, but it is very conveniently located (You will have to pass there anyway, if you go to/from the Star Ferry) and they stock some of the latest releases, and if you look carefully, you'll probably find bargains.

Important: Please pay attention to the "smart buyer's tips": They are specifically relevant for those who wish to buy these types of products.


A small tip:

Is it really cheaper to buy consumer electronics in Hong Kong ?

According to Lonely Planet Author, Shawn Low, "Hong Kong is undoubtedly the cheapest place to snag a bargain... "


Click here to read his article "snagging a deal in Hong Kong" and find out more about what it takes to get a good deal on electronics in Asia's world city. 



Mobile phones and smartphones : There is an unbelievable variety of mobile-phones and smartphones in Hong Kong, including the latest releases, and prices are generally better than in Europe, Australia, and the states.


The area around the "Mansions", near the corner of Nathan Rd and Mody Rd, is famous (or should I say infamous) for trading in phones, and there are many shops....some dodgy, others fine.


As already mentioned in our "Important tips for the savvy buyer", many of the shops in this area will try to play the "parallel product trick" on you, which means they offer a low price on what your after, then pretend it is temporarily  out of stock, and bring out cheaper items at double the price, and keep going up in price and less in quality...


Fortress and Broadway are two reputable chain-stores that offer a pleasant and safe shopping enviroment, and although they are slightly pricier, you can rest a sure you're not going to be take for a ride...


Here is a list of some of the leading outlets of Fortress and Broadway


Hong Kong Island (Central, Wanchai and Causeway Bay):


1. G/F, Yu Sung Boon Bldg., 107 - 111 Des Voeux Road, Central (10:30am – 7:30pm)


2. Lower G/F, Melbourne Plaza, 33 Queen's Road Central, Central (near exits D-1, D-2 of Central MTR station : Daily 10:30am - 8pm)


3. 2/F, Admiralty Centre, Tower 2, 18 Harcourt Road, Admiralty (right by Admiralty MTR station, exit-A : 10:30am - 7:30am)


4. 7/F and 8/F, Times Square, Causeway Bay (Daily, 11am - 10pm)


("Broadway" also has shops in Times Square)

5. 248 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai (Daily, 11am - 9pm)



Kowloon (Mong Kok)

1. Ground floor Commercial Podium, Sincere House, 83 Argyle Street, Mong Kok (across the street from Ladies' Market : Daily 10:30am - 10pm)


2. "Broadway" has a huge store on G/F-3/F, 79 Argyle Street, which is just a stone's throw away...


3. G/F & Lower Level 1 & 2, Wai Fung Plaza, 664 Nathan Road, Mongkok (11am - 11pm daily : Near the corner of Nathan and Argile - A minute from exit D-3 of MTR Mong Kok)


4. A shop of "Broadway" is located in Bank Centre, 636 Nathan Road.  Other shops of "Broadway in Mong Kok: 28 Soy Street, just off Ladies' Market, and on 13 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, which is just a minute from there.


5. Hollywood Plaza, 610 Nathan Road (between Mongkok and Yau-ma-Tei : Daily 10:30am - 11pm)

Hollywood Plaza, 610 Nathan Road (between Mongkok and Yau-ma-Tei : Daily 10:30am - 11pm) 



Kowloon (Tsim-sha-Tsui)

1. Parklane Shopper's Boulevard, 143-161 Nathan Road, Tsim-sha-Tsui (Daily 11am - 10pm)


2. 1/F, Carnarvon Plaza, No. 20 Carnarvon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (Daily 11am - 9:30pm) 


3. (Broadway)  G/F, 56 Cameron Road (11am - 10pm)


4.  Kaiseng Commercial Centre, 4-6 Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (Daily 11am - 10pm)


5. Shop Nos. 333A, 333B, 335 - 7, Level 3, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui (Daily, 10:30am – 9:30pm)


6. Shop 341 and shop 313B, Level 3, Ocean Centre, Harbour City (Broadway) - 11am - 10pm


7. Shop 311-311A, 315 & 317, Star City, 3/F, Star House, No. 3 Salisbury Road, Tsim-sha-Tsui (next to Star Ferry Pier : Daily, 11am - 9pm)


8. Broadway also has a shop in Star House: On the 3rd floor.


9. "Broadway", Shop 1074 and Shop 1076, Elements, Kowloon Station (10am - 10pm) 


10. Fortress also has shops in Elements Shopping Mall, in Kowloon. 




Tip: You just have to visit the Apple Retail Store in ifc Mall, Central... The prices here are not cheaper than in other countries, but the variety is immense, and the shop itself is wow! (Daily, 9am - 9pm)


Hong Kong Shopping: The city's electronic shops are packed with smartphones and gadgets, and the prices are usually better than in Europe or America

Shopping for smartphones and Electronics in Mong Kok

Attribution: TonySKTO   (License: CC BY-SA 2.5) 



Cameras and Photographic equipment : Hong Kong is a pretty good place to buy cameras and/or Photographic equipment, as the shops stock a wide choice of decent products, and the prices are fairly good, and although you will not find the kind of bargains that exist in Bangkok, at least you can be sure you are buying a genuine product with a proper warranty...


Never buy a camera without a price tag (or, in other words, avoid most of the shops in Tsim-sha-Tsui, around the "mansions", or you might end up spending a lot of money for an unworthy product).


Stanley Street, in Central, on Hong Kong Island, is probably the best place in town for Cameras and Photographic equipment. There is a good number of reputable retailers here, so you can compare prices and different models.


There are also quite a few shops on Sai Yeung Choi St, in Mong Kok. Yau Shing Commercial Centre, on No. 51, boasts some of the most popular shops around, including those that specialize in gadgets, cameras and the likes…


Gold and other jewelries :

Hong Kong is a good place to buy high-quality pieces of jewelry at very reasonable prices.  Gold, diamonds, pearls, gemstones and the ever-popular jade are all widely available in hundreds of shops across the city.  Moreover, Hong Kong's goldsmiths are well known for their fine workmanship and creative designs, so if you want to order something special to suit your taste, instead of buying a ready-made set "off the shelf", this is the right place to do so...


Please note:

  • When buying Jade or other gemstones : A stone is judged according to its consistency in color, translucency and coldness to the touch. The vendor should give you a receipt that details the type and origin of the stone. If you are purchasing jade of significant value, it is advisable to go with someone who is an expert.
  • The law in Hong Kong requires gold jewelry to be stamped with a hallmark, indicating the purity of the gold.  The most common hallmarks are: 999.9 (99.99% pure) and 999 (99.9% pure) for 24-carat gold, 990 (99% pure), 916.6 for 22-carat gold, 750 for18-carat gold and 585 for 14-carat gold.
  • Hong Kong jewelers often refer to the term Chuk Kam, which means the purity of gold is 99% or higher.
  • Gold jewelry should be marked with the shop's name.
  • Fixed retail prices are based on weight, purity and craftsmanship
  • Make sure you obtain an invoice indicating the fineness, weight and price of the jewelry item
  • For more information, please contact the Hong Kong Jewelers' & Goldsmiths' Association, Tel: 2543 9633.
  • Cultured pearls from mainland China are sold here at a fairly good price, and while they are not as high quality as Japanese pearls, they are perfectly fine for most jewellery buyers.  


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Making a clever investment while traveling?

Hong Kong is widely acknowledged as the cheapest place to buy gold coins, according to James McKeigue of the MoneyWeek, and the banks along Queen's Road in Central  shifting gold coins for as little as 0.2% above the premium.


Click here to read his article, "How to buy gold bullion" (Oct 11, 2011) to learn more about how can you turn your short city break to a wise investment...


Hong Kong is a great place to shop for gold and other jewelleries, as the prices are good and the workmenship is really fine

Gold shop in Hong Kong

Attribution:Limyuefaitne,   License (CC BY-SA 3.0)


Cheap clothing and footwear : There is an unbelievable selection of imitations and fakes that arrive to the city markets from China, alongside surpluses of genuine brand names. Large stores, selling export surpluses, are very popular, and you might just as well want to visit Citygate Outlets, which is Hong Kong's only outlet mall.


A small tip from 'Metropolasia-Man':

One thing you should note : Nowadays, getting cheap clothing and footwear brands at your home country should not be a problem, and the price/quality/variety will probably not be that inferior, compared to what can be found in Hong Kong... Maybe you should think twice before stuffing your suitcase with things you can buy at home for the same price...(unless it is something unique / authentic...)


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Chinese-style clothing and fashion : Chinese Clothes are also a good buy in Hong Kong


Although the city's zillion workshops have long moved across the border, to China's quickly developing industrial towns, the prices of Chinese styled clothes in Hong Kong are still very reasonable, so if this kind of fashion appeals to you, you are at the right place…


You can shop for Chinese-style clothes at... 


  • Li Yuen streets east and west in Central (better known as "The Lanes")
  • Tailor-made Chinese clothes can be ordered from tailors in Western Market in sheung Wan
  • Stanley Market

Linva Tailors is one of Hong Kong's oldest and most reputable tailor-shops that specialize in traditional Chinese dresses and clothes. They can really do amazing things and are well worth a visit.

Location: 38 Cochrane Street, Central (along the famous escalators, in SoHo) 


Yue Hwa Emporium is another good place to shop for traditional Chinese-style clothing, including silk shirts.


Their main shop is at 301-309 Nathan Road, Kowloon (Near exit A of MTR Jordan), but they also have shops in 151-155 Queen's Road, in Central, and on 188 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai.


Shanghai Tang, one of Hong Kong's best fashion and lifestyle chains, is a great place to buy Chinese-inspired western fashion… Self-describing itself as "the global ambassador of contemporary Chinese Chic", this internationally successful chain sells very unique fashion at high quality, but the prices are adequately high…


Their flagship store can be found in Pedder Building, at No.12 Pedder Street, Central (Exit D-1, MTR Central), and other than clothes, you can also find there very special accessories and home furnishings.


Shanghai Tang also has shops in Pacific Place, Admiralty (Shop 237) and in 1881 Heritage, in Tsim Sha Tsui.


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Fantastic discount rates throughout China !

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Expensive clothing and footwear : Thousands of shops across Hong Kong specialize in international brands... From the more casual brands, to the world's most notable fashion designers.  "Sale seasons" (see above) are a particular good time for you to get quality brands at competitive price (and if you like brand names, you can save heaps of money, just by buying in the right place at the right time).


Tailor-made suits : Hong Kong's tailors are renowned for their fine workmanship and quality garments.  Suits, shirts, skirts and evening gowns can be created to suit the most elaborate or sedate of tastes and the prices are much lower than the US, Europe or Japan. Tailor-made shoes are also popular (see below).

  • It's advisable to invest a bit of time in a short market research, as you can get some really nice pieces at a fraction of what they would have cost in Europe or the States

  • When ordering tailor-made suits or clothes, a certain deposit might be required.

  • Avoid tailors who use touts to try to get you into their shops.  

Here are some of Hong Kong's "best of the best" tailors...

1. Tak Tak Tailor: Ground floor, Langham Hotel Hong Kong,

8 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui


2. Sam's Tailor Ground floor, Burlington Arcade, 94 Nathan Rd.,

Tsim sha Tsui, (exit B-1 of MTR-Tsim Sha Tsui)


3. David's Shirts Ltd. Shop M17, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, 5 Connaught Road (Via exit F of MTR-Central)


4. Bobby's Fashions - Mirador Mansion,  Ground Floor,

3A, Carnarvon Road,  Tsim Sha Tsui,  Kowloon

(via exit D-2 of MTR-Tsim Sha Tsui)


5. New Century Tailor:  1/F, AIE building, 33 Connaught Road, Central


6. L&K tailors: G/F, No.2 Carnarvon Road, corner of 66-70 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (Exit no. D-1, MTR-Tsim Sha Tsui)


7. Pacific Custom Tailors: L1, 113 - Pacific place, Admiralty


8. Love Light Tailors: 8b Humphrey's Ave, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon (Exit A2 from MTR Tsim sha Tsui)


9. Danny's Fashion Shoppe: GF, Shop 31, Far East Mansion Arcade
5-6 Middle Road, Tsim Sha Tsui (Exits L1 or L2 from MTR Tsim sha Tsui)

Tel: (+852) 2366 7194


10. W.W. Chan & Sons Tailor:  A2, 2/F, Burlington House, 94 Nathan Road, Tsim sha Tsui (just a few steps from the MTR station, exit B-1)

Tel: (+852) 2366 9738/2634


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Hong Kong is also one of the best places on earth to order Personalized Footwear and custom-made handbags.


The prices range from "reasonable" to very high, but the quality is outstandingly good, and you will normally get a very decent bang for your buck (Try not to follow touts who promise bottom-rock prices, as the quality you will get will be just as much bottom-rock).


The crème de la crème of Hong Kong's shoemakers include Kow Hoo Shoes and The Mayer Shoe Co., who have been dressing the feet of some of the world's rich and famous for who knows how many years…


Kow Hoo Shoes are located at Prince’s Building, 10 Chater Rd, Central (shop 241), while the Mayer Shoe Co. can be found at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, on Connaught Road Central (M-3 in the Arcade).


Those of you who have a "somewhat" lower budget, can still order fabulous shoes and handbags in one of the slightly less glitzy shops… Quality is still very good, and so are the materials and craftsmanship.


There are two types of shoemakers in HK: Those who will make your shoes from scratches, asking you to bring them a photo, or sketch, and those who have their own designs, which you can choose from… In both cases, you should bring a pair of your favorite shoes with you, so the shoemaker can study your foot and design the newly ordered shoes accordingly


  • LIII LIII Shoes & Handbags are housed in Admiralty Centre (Exit A – MTR Admiralty).
  • ShoeMan Lau, in the Sheraton's shopping arcade (corner of Nathan Road and Salisbury, in Tsim sha Tsui), is also one of Hong Kong's most favorite shoemaker shops.
  • Vickie, in 3 Queen Victoria Street, Central, offers their own designs for you to choose from, and so does Gigi, in Causeway Bay (171 Wong Ngai Chung Road – Corner of Leighton, almost opposite the CCC cricket club), although both of them will probably be more than happy to follow your own unique instructions.


Western Market is known for its fabric shops

Attribution: MRCHAN20SW

(License details)

Fabrics : Huge selection of Chinese, Asian and Western fabrics at very good prices. The best places to shop for fabrics are Western Market (in Sheung Wan) and Sham shui Po.


The fabric market on the mezzanine floor of Western Market is smaller (and pricier) than the wholesale shops in Sham shui Po, but the quality is generally better, and the range includes vintage printed silks, cotton poplin shirting and canvas upholstery fabrics, in addition to Chinese brocades and Thai silk...




Handbags and fashion accessories : Endless variety at excellent prices. From cheap imitations to first class designer products. Everything you can think of can be found in Hong Kong.


Cosmetics : Vast selection at very good prices.

Sasa and Bonjour are where people go to buy cosmetics and perfumes. They both have stores all over the metropolis, the choice is not bad at all, and so are the prices. 



Milan Station is a retail chain that specializes in expensive designer handbags – Purchasing latest, or limited edition designer bags in 'as good as new' condition, mostly from celebs and other fashion savvy folks, and reselling them to the more ' common' people at a much saner price.


They currently have ten shops across Hong Kong, including these centrally located ones:


  • G/F 77 - 83 Percival Street, Causeway Bay (A short stroll from Times Square).
  • 26 Wellington Street, Central (Near Lan Kwai Fong / LKF).
  • 52 Haiphong Street, Tsim sha Tsui, Kowloon (A few steps from exit A-1 of MTR Tsim sha Tsui).
  • 81 Chatham Road South, Tsim sha Tsui, Kowloon (Opposite the Science Museum).
  • 1A - 1K Sai Yeung Choi Street, Mong kok, Kowloon (Parallel to "Ladies' Market")

It is also advisable to take a look at their discount information page, as sometimes there is a promotion only in ONE of the shops…



A small tip:

Thinking about buying Jade jewelleries or sculptures in Hong Kong? Here are two articles that will give you the most important tips you should know… 

1)  5 Tips on Buying Jade Jewelry 

2)  Jade: The Imperial Gem 


Authentic Chinese seal ("Chop") makes a lovely souvenir that is both unique and inexpensive

Traditional Chinese seal ("Chop")

Art gallery on Hollywood Road, which is the best place in Hong Kong to look for Chinese antiques and arts

Attribution: Victoriactcal

(License details)


Arts, Crafts, Antiques, and other souvenirs : There is a stunning variety of crafts and antiques available in Hong Kong and the prices are normally very good.  Personal seals engraved in stone, Miniatures, Silk rugs, delicate Chinese vases, imperial embroidery and old opium pipes, just to name a few...  Many shops can arrange to insure, pack and ship your goods safely back home.


You may wish to consider an expert's appraisal and the customs duty regulations in your home country before buying.


Hollywood Road houses the largest number of galleries, while neighboring Cat Street (Upper Lascar Row) boasts numerous stalls where you can find cheap, but really nice, knick-knacks... Read all about it here.


Man Wa Lane (Chop Alley), in Sheung Wan, is where you can find small stalls of chop-makers: The chops are traditional Chinese stamps and seals, engraved on various materials like wood, stone, bone and the likes... They come in a nice presentation box and can make a very nice gift.


Man Luen Choon, in Central, is a 50-year-old family business the specializes in Chinese art, and provides unique art supplies, as well as beautiful calligraphy and seal carving.


They are open Monday-Friday 10:00 - 18:30, and Saturday 10:00 - 17:30 (closed on Sun).

Location: 2/F of Harvest Bldg., 29-35 Wing Kut St., Central (A stone's throw from the tramway-stop of Gilman Street, or a short walk from Sheung Wan MTR station: exits E-1 or E-2).


Chinese Arts & Crafts is one of the if not the best Chinese art and antiques gallery in Hong Kong, with customers like Hillary Clinton and Margaret Thatcher, and although its prices are quite high, this fabulous shop is well worth a visit.


Their main shop is at Star House, in Tsim-sha-Tsui, right next to the Star Ferry Pier (10am - 9:30pm)


The Siu Woo Trading Company, in Sheung Wan, sells a wide choice of cheap bamboo, rattan and straw housewareson. Location: 94 Bonham Strand (A minute's walk from Western Market, via Morrison St).


The markets of Hong Kong boast an immense range of chopsticks, all decorated with intricate designs. At only HK$10 a pop, these can be a really nice present for those who can't afford to splash out (Ladies' Market is probably the best place to buy them).


How about a "Hong Kong-inspired" souvenir?


G.O.D (Goods of Desire) design, produce and sell a wide range of cute and inexpensive Hong Kong inspired products that can make great souvenirs... From fashion to Majhong guides, and from housaware to bedlinen...


As they describe themselves: "Our designs are inspired by the vibrant culture of this energetic city where east meets west, and age-old traditions meet cutting-edge technology..."


Their shops are located in :


48 Hollywood Road, SoHo (near the famous escalators): Mon-Sat: 11:00am - 9:00pm, Sun & Public Holidays: 11:00 Am - 8:00pm


Shop 32-41, Level 2, The Peak Galleria, The Peak (Daily : 11:30 am - 9:00 pm)
Shop 105, 1/F., Stanley Plaza, Stanley (Weekdays & Public Holiday: 10:30am - 8pm, Saturday: 10:30am - 9pm)


Or you can simply visit their eShop, if you are short in time and want to send "uniquely Hong Kong gifts"..


Maoist memorabilia in a street stall in Upper Lascar Row (Cat Street), next to Hollywood Road

Upper Lascar Row (Cat Street) is a great place to fetch Chinese knick-knacks

Attribution: Tungpengmaliu   (License details)

Bone China and porcelain : The city shops stock a huge selection of porcelain products and bone china, imported from various provinces in Mainland China. Available in co-ordinated sets or as single items, the colors and patterns of Chinese tableware represent blessings and celebrations in Chinese culture.


A decorative Chinese Teapot set with traditional (tiny) teacups is a nice souvenir. Chinese flower pots can be very decorative and nice as well, but are not ideal for carrying on planes (unless you wrap them really well).


Two small tips from 'Metropolasia-Man':

1. YiXing teapots (from YiXing, China) make a really nice souvenir, or gift... They are not necessarily cheap but you will find them here at a much lower price than in the west, and the variety is by far wider.


They can be purchased in any of the high end tea shops, or at one of the good galleries, like Chinese Arts and Crafts (above).


Wing On Department Store, on 211 Des Voeux Road Central, in Sheung Wan, always stock a reasonable variety of fine bone China porcelain at a pretty good price..



Herbal medicines, Chinese tea and exotic dried foods


These are abundant in the city's open-air markets and in small traditional shops, found in many areas across Hong Kong.  Your only problem might be that the vendors in those traditional shops don't normally speak English... No worries, you will probably find someone who can help.


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Good Spring Company Ltd, on 10 Cochrane Street, at the lower part of the famous escalators, is one of Hong Kong's best known herbal tea shops. There are always herbalists on site, who can diagnose you and give their recommendations. 


The old streets of Sheung Wan are also lined with numerous shops that sell all those exotic goods.


100 years old Yuan Heng Spice Co offers a wide variety of exotic Whole Spices. The shop is located on 19 Tung Street, which is a small alley under Hollywood Road, just a few minutes' walk from Man-Mo Temple (9am - 6pm , closed on Sunday).


Tip: Click HERE for a really nice mini-guide on How to shop on Hong Kong's dried seafood street. 



Would you care for some tea?


People who know how to appreciate tea and are ready to pay for quality, can buy some outstandingly good tea in Hong Kong.


Here are the details of three particularly noteworthy establishments:


Ying Kee Tea House has been around since 1881 and is one of Hong Kong's most reputable manufacturers of quality tea blends.


Their flagship shop is at 2 - 4 Hysan Avenue, in Causeway Bay (open daily, 10:30am - 9pm) and is properly stocked with their full range of products, as well as some very nice utensils and tea sets.


They also have smaller shops in Central (151 Queen's Road Central, 9am - 7:30pm), Wanchai (170 Johnston Road, 9am - 8pm), Tsim sha Tsui (shop D, 21 Cameron Road, 10:30am - 9pm), Yau ma Tei (192 Shanghai Street, 9:30am - 8pm) and Mongkok (719 D, Nathan Road, 9am - 7:30pm)


Most importantly, they have a well stocked shop at the airport... Departures check-in hall, terminal one (Daily, 7am - 11pm)


Fook Ming Tong is another extremely reputable tea company and although it is not as old as its competitor (Established only at 1987), it is certainly as professional...


Other than top of the line tea, they sell some extremely beautiful utensils and tea accessories


Central: G/F, Exclusivites, No. 1 Duddell Street (Mon - Sat 10am - 7pm , Sun & Public Holiday 11am - 6pm), as well as in IFC Mall (Shop 3006, Podium Level 3,Mon - Sat 10:30am - 8pm , Sun & Public Holiday 11am - 8pm)


Tsim sha Tsui: Shop 3225, The Gateway, Harbour City (Mon - Sun & Public Holiday 10am - 9pm)


Causeway Bay: Basement 2, Sogo Department Store (Daily, 10am - 10pm)


Fook Ming Tong also has an outlet at the Departures check-in hall, in sterminal one (Daily, 7am - 11pm).


The famous LockCha Tea House, in Hong Kong Park, operates LockCha Tea Shop in Sheung Wan (290B, Queen's Road Central, right on the corner of Ladder Street), where you can purchase the finest Chinese tea and tea-wares, or join professional tea-classes, or just get a good advice…


Open daily, 11am – 7pm, Phone: 2805 1360 



Optical products : Huge selection of quality products at very reasonable prices.


Watches : Great variety and good prices.




For great tips and updates!



The Jade Market, in Yau-ma-Tei, Kowloon, provides a great Hong Kong shopping experience, and you can also fetch a bragain or two, but be careful not to invest a lot of money, unless you are an expert

Jade statues and jewellery

Attribution:InSapphoWeTrust   License: CC BY-SA 2.0


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