Hong Kong
Where East meets West
Hong Kong Travel Guide, General information about Hong Kong

Hong Kong Travel Guide

"Asia's most international city"

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Our Hong Kong Travel Guide was created to help you discover this fascinating mega city, so you can get the most out of your visit or holiday.


Visitors to Hong Kong will be surprised to discover that the small territory, which covers an area of just more than one thousand square kilometers, boasts an unbelievable spectrum of sights and experiences. 


Sharp contrasts blend together here, creating one big harmony of colors, views, smells and sounds... Ancient Chinese temples stand in front of modern skyscrapers, exotic markets are shadowed by glittering shopping malls, forest-covered mountains fall steeply into the island-dotted bays and the old Chinese tradition co-exists, side by side, with the British Colonial influence and the Western pace.


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We have carefully selected for you the best restaurants, cafes and eateries of Asia's World City, and divided them by type, so you can easily choose where to have your next dinner...


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Hong Kong is known mainly as a great place for shopping and indeed, the city's shops and markets stock everything you may think of... From the latest computer products and electrical appliances to traditional Chinese medicines, authentic handcrafts and prestigious silk fabrics.


But Hong Kong has so much more to offer... From its beautiful nature sceneries and exotic islands, through world class museums, galleries and cultural events to themed parks, authentic walled-villages and entertainment 'round the clock.


What can you find in our Hong Kong Travel Guide?


The grey sub-category buttons on the left will take you to informative articles on Hong Kong's history, weather, culture, food and other general-information topics...


The "Hong Kong Travel Information" section covers most of the travel-related information you may need to know... From Hong Kong travel basics (when to go, visa regulations, communications, emergencies, Etc...),

Getting to Hong Kong (covers almost every possible way of getting in and out of the city...), Getting around Hong Kong (a comprehansive guide to Hong Kong's transport) and More information, where you can find out where to get more information...


The Hong Kong Tours, Attractions and Sightseeing section covers almost every place of interst in Hong Kong through 16 exciting routes that can take you to every corner of the territory...


The "Hong Kong Hotels and Accomodation Guide" is divided into four budget-related subcategories: Cheap hotels, Hostels and GuesthousesMid range and three-star hotelsFirst class hotels (mostly four stars) and Luxury Hotels, where you can find Hong Kongf's glitziest hotels...


All the hotels, hostels and guesthouses in our "Hong Kong Hotels and Accomodation Guide" were recommended by both travellers and tourism professionals.


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Currently, we recommend two online hotel reservation services (with whom we work): Agoda, that specializes in Asia, and Hotels Combined, which is a price comparison service for hotels that searches 30 of the world's major travel sites at once, to get the best rate possible. 


The Hong Kong Restaurant and Nightlife Guide is the largest section of this website... Here you can find hundreds of recommended restaurants, authentic eateries, Food stalls, cafés, bars, pubs and other night spots... All were recommended by numerous visitors and locals alike.

And last but not least... Hong Kong Shopping & Lifestyle Guide and the Guide to Hong Kong's most popular shopping areas, where you can find plenty of useful information about this shopping mecca.


Many visitors simply pass through Hong Kong on their way to other destinations... We hope and believe our website will do a good job in helping you to discover this fascinating city and we look forward to your comments and feedbacks ...


Enjoy your Hong Kong visit ... 


Free travel guides to Hong Kong! Click here to download our two most popular travel guides for free




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