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Hong Kong - Wanchai / Admiralty - Italian

Pumpernickel is famous for its fresh, home-made breads and bakery products, as well as for its delicious Italian food (especially pastas).
This sumptuous restaurant specializes in traditional Italian cuisine with a modern touch...Elegant and romantic ambience, complemented by marvelous views of Victoria harbor.
This popular restaurant serves good Italian food in a pleasant environment. Ambience is relaxed and nice and there is an outdoor dinning area, for those of you who want to have their meal 'alfresco'.
Al Dente specializes in traditional, home-style Italian cooking...
Located within Pacific place, Grappa's specializes in traditional, home-style Italian cuisine... Elegant, Italian-trattoria design...
The Hong Kong offshoots of this well known British Pizza-restaurants-chain serve decent pizza and some other Italian fare, in fairly nice surroundings and at relatively affordable prices.
Antipasto serves lovely Italian fare in a pleasant and somewhat cozy ambience, and at relatively good prices.