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Hong Kong - Wanchai / Admiralty - Cantonese

This Happy Valley restaurant is a real Hong Kong institution, serving a variety of fresh and delicious dim sums at affordable prices and in a reasonably pleasant setting.
This restaurant serves excellent, inexpensive Chinese seafood dishes (mostly Cantonese cuisine). Not much in the way of décor or special atmosphere... Just a good, simple eatery.
Housed within at the architecturally impressive Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, this award-winning restaurant (Michelin featured)serves some of the best Cantonese cuisine in Wanchai area, if not in the whole of Hong Kong. The place is beautifully designed in an elegant way and the huge, floor to ceiling windows offer stunning harbor views.
This excellent restaurant specializes in Cantonese cuisine and is well-known for its splendid Dim-sums, considered to be among the best in Hong Kong.
This well-known restaurant serves excellent Cantonese cuisine in a pleasant environment. The fairly spacious dinning hall is bright and elegantly designed, using mainly light colors of cream and beige, and without any unnecessary kitsch...
This excellent restaurant specializes in Cantonese cuisine, with emphasize on seafood. Simple, elegant design, dominated by bright-light colors. Not much in the way of ambience though... Just a place to have a delicious meal with family or friends.
Located within The Museum of Tea Ware, in the magnificent Hong Kong Park, this lovely teashop provides more than 100 kinds of tea, as well as a good selection of delicious vegetarian dim-sums...
This restaurant serves some of the best Chiu Chow cuisine in Hong Kong.
Fantastic Chiu Chow style noodle-dishes are the main draw here... Fish-Ball, Beef-Ball, Squid Ball, Beef Brisket... you name it... All are really delicious and come in a fabulous broth... Deep Fried Fish Skin is also worth a try.
Fook Lam Moon is another Hong Kong culinary legend. Using top quality ingredients is what this restaurant is best known for and, indeed, their "unique dishes" are considered among the best in Hong Kong... Especially the Shark's fin and the Abalone...
Michelin-featured 'Fu Sing' serves some outstanding dim sum and Cantonese fare in an elegant and hushed environment, and are said to have the best BBQ Pork all over Hong Kong.
Victoria Harbour serves some of the most delicious dim sum specialties in Hong Kong, in a nice surroundings and at a reasonable price...
This small restaurant specializes in hearty homemade noodles, and is best known for its Braised beef noodles (which, some would say, are the best in Hong Kong...)