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Hong Kong - Victoria Peak

This eatery is famous for its excellent Won ton noodle dishes (some would say, the best in Hong Kong...)
This two story restaurant treats its diners to one of the world's most stunning views: Up from the top of Mt. Victoria you can get a panoramic view of the metropolis and the harbor and, during evening hours, when the city is flooded with light and colors, the view is simply breathtaking.
Named after the fictitious (and surprisingly successful) shrimp farming company, in the movie Forrest Gump, this excellent restaurant, part of an international chain, specializes, as expected, in seafood and shrimps in particular...
This fabulous restaurant is located in a charming colonial house, surrounded by a lovely garden and great views towards Hong Kong Island's southern beaches...
This sumptuous restaurant serves superb contemporary Chinese cuisine with breathtaking harbor views.
Pacific Coffee has a good range of nice coffees, beverages and snacks, served in nice surroundings and complemented by the stunning views.
This large and always busy restaurant can be described as something between a cha chaan teng (Hong Kong style teahouse-café) and a western diner, and although there is nothing 'atmospheric' about it, the food is quite good, the portions are fairly large and the prices are reasonable...