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Hong Kong - Tsim sha Tsui - TST - Pekinese cuisine

This excellent restaurant was found in Beijing and it specializes in Huaiyang cuisine, from the region surrounding the lower reaches of the Huai and Yangtze Rivers.
This old fashioned restaurant has been serving excellent Chinese food for God knows how many years...
This restaurant serves fusion of Shanghai, Beijing and Szechwan cuisines. Wide variety and delicious food.
This is the Hong Kong branch of one of China's most prestigious and famous restaurants... The original restaurant opened its doors, in Beijing, in 1864 and has been serving its "imperial style" delicacies to kings, presidents, business tycoons and other rich and famous...
Hu Tong serves fabulous northern Chinese cuisine in an elegant and aesthetic setting.
Established almost forty years ago, Spring Deer is one of Hong Kong's best and most popular Chinese restaurants.
Tai Fung Lau has been serving excellent Peking style hotpot for the last forty years or so... Décor is quite simple but nice, ambience is OK and the food is simply great... Proper, authentic charcoal hotpot dinner with lamb, sliced beef and more...
This old fashioned restaurant serves fantastic, traditional Pekingese cuisine.... as expected, Peking Duck is the signature dish.
This rather simple eatery serves excellent Pekinese dishes at a very affordable price: Noodles, dumplings and other fare... all delicious