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Hong Kong - Tsim sha Tsui - TST - Italian

Part of a well-known international chain, this restaurant specializes in Italian cuisine and, particularly, in pizzas with a variety of 'unusual' toppings...
Located at the sumptuous Royal Garden, This is the Hong Kong outlet of one of Rome's best known restaurants... The cuisine is "traditional Roman" and the extensive menu boasts a good selection of authentic Italian favorites, alongside the chef's own creations...
This well-established restaurant is located in trendy Knutsford terrace... It boasts two 'alfresco' areas: An open balcony in the front and a small garden, at the back.
The good old Taverna has been serving splendid Italian cuisine in a romantic ambience for more than thirty years... It's a quiet place with lovely Italian country-style décor, good service and pleasant, romantic atmosphere
Papa Razzi serves some of the best pizzas in Hong Kong in a lovely surroundings, with a secluded outdoor "terrazza" where you can enjoy alfresco dinning in a quiet environment, away from the hustle and bustle...
The Hong Kong offshoots of this well known British Pizza-restaurants-chain serve decent pizza and some other Italian fare, in fairly nice surroundings and at relatively affordable prices.