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This is an excellent and prized Cantonese restaurant, unknown to many visitors but extremely popular anong locals. The chef's combines traditional Cantonese cuisine with his own innovations and the results are simply superb...
This fabulous Cantonese restaurant is located at the Holiday Inn hotel. Among the signature dishes you can find: Peking Duck, Drunken shrimps flambé, Stewed spare ribs in oyster sauce and an assortment of superb dim-sum dishes...
Those of you who have sweet tooth would love this restaurant, that specializes in Cantonese desserts and goodies (especially sweet soups)...
This excellent Cantonese restaurant is known mostly for its wide range of delicious soups. Other than the soups, they also serve a variety of scrumptious Cantonese dishes.
This chain of restaurants is extremely popular among local Hong Kongers and many of them would even go to the extend of ranking it as the best Cantonese cuisine in the territory.
This extremely popular restaurant serves great Chinese hotpot at a very reasonable price.
Named as one of the world's best hotel-restaurants by several international magazines, this marvelous award-winning restaurant serves world-class Cantonese cuisine in a swanky environment.
Eating at a Shangri-la restaurant is always a sensational dinning experience and Shang Palace is no exception. The food is remarkably splendid and the chef prepares a wide variety of traditional Cantonese fare, combined his own innovations.
Lei Garden is one of the best Chinese restaurant chains in Hong Kong.
The Hong Kong offshoot of the world's best and most successful Taiwanese restaurant chain serves scrumptious "Xiao long bao" (Chinese steamed buns), as well as other dumplings and Wonton-noodles in a very clean and pleasant setting, and at affordable prices.
Hu Tong serves fabulous northern Chinese cuisine in an elegant and aesthetic setting.
This excellent restaurant was found in Beijing and it specializes in Huaiyang cuisine, from the region surrounding the lower reaches of the Huai and Yangtze Rivers.
This old fashioned restaurant has been serving excellent Chinese food for God knows how many years...
This restaurant serves fusion of Shanghai, Beijing and Szechwan cuisines. Wide variety and delicious food.
Established almost forty years ago, Spring Deer is one of Hong Kong's best and most popular Chinese restaurants.
Fook Lam Moon is another Hong Kong culinary legend. Using top quality ingredients is what this restaurant is best known for and, indeed, their "unique dishes" are considered among the best in Hong Kong... Especially the Shark's fin and the Abalone...
Although its décor is not as glitzy as that of some other upscale restaurants, good-old Tin Heung Lau is certainly one of Hong Kong's most sought after restaurants, and one of the best places in town to try the unique Hangzhou Cuisine.
Strategically located at the swanky InterContinental, Yan Toh Heen serves some of the best Cantonese cuisine in Hong Kong, in an elegant and refined setting that matches in with the fabulous food.
If you want to splurge on one of Hong Kong's best buffets, go to Harbourside ! Strategically located at the glitzy Intercontinental, right on Victoria Harbour's edge, this restaurant features a winning combination of fantastic food (quality, selection and presentation), gorgeous views and ultra-pleasant ambience.
Located in Tsim sha Tsui's Renaissance Kowloon Hotel, Dynasty serves the top of the top of Cantonese cuisine in a soothing environment.
This is one of the Hong Kong's best Szechuan restaurants... Certainly on the Kowloon side of the city.
Tao Heung Super 88 serves delicious traditional Chinese food in a modern surroundings, and although it is a chain of restaurants, the food is consistently good, and the ambience is quite nice
Imagine a restaurant where the chairs are actually toilets, and brownish stews and hotpots are served to the table in bidet looking dishes... Sounds appetizing? Apparently some people think it does... at least as a one off 'gimmick' experience...